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ShoesYou need a different pair of shoes, depending on the activity you are doing. Your body will suffer, if you’re wearing the wrong kind of footwear, your body will develop foot disorders like plantar fasciitis or back pain.

Somebody who’s has a demanding job and is on his feet all day (likes nurses, factory or construction workers, teacher, etc.) needs shoes with a soft footbed, which absorbs shock and won’t push in – if you are wearing them for long periods.

Athletes like runners or soccer player need shoes with special materials that boost the performance of the athlete. Footwear of this kind is often not very comfortable, if you’re wearing them for a few hours or longer.

As you can see, you can’t choose a random pair and expect it to fit perfectly. There are many points you have to consider before buying

Depending on your foot shape the most common types are: Motion controlstability and cushioning shoes.

This section is all about shoe reviews. In the articles I will explain what I like and dislike about each model and help you, making the right decision on what model you should buy (or not).

6 Best Chefs Work Boots Reviews & Buying Guide

Chefs have to deal with hot liquids and have to walk on slippery floors that can be dangerous, especially if they don’t wear the right work boots. The kitchen is not a comfortable place to work, and chefs must keep their safety in mind. Selecting the right work shoes can help you function better in […]

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6 Best Anti-Fatigue Work Boots Reviews & Buying Guide

There is nothing worse than getting tired of your workplace. If you have aching feet at work, it can affect your productivity at work. If you need to perform at your best at your workplace, then getting anti-fatigue work boots is the ideal choice. These boots can help to work safely in hazardous work environments […]

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5 Best Moc Toe Work Boots Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

The Moc Toe boots are designed for rough-and-tumble work. They are specially made for people who work on different job sites. Also, they can be perfect for outdoors. The shoes are named for the moccasin-style stitching at the toe and are a serious fashion statement. They are not designed in an overly trendy way, but […]

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Top 7 Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet

If you are an athlete and run with flat feet, then running shoes for flat feet can be the best option for you. The quality of your shoes can make a big difference and help you run efficiently during marathons. Mis-steps can cause injuries in the long run and can prevent you from getting into […]

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Brooks Addiction Walker Review

Brooks Addiction Walker provides the incredible combination of being a walking shoe that can be used for everyday casual wear as well. Its popularity stems from the fact that it can be used for miles together, and while providing sturdy support for walking, it also takes care of low arches and helps keep pronation under […]

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Asics Gel Tech Walker Neo 4 Review

The Men’s Asics Gel-Tech Neo 4 Walking Shoe features a rubber sole, a breathable Biomorphic Fit upper body, and increased Gel cushioning. Like most stability shoes designed for people with a normal to slightly high arch, it includes extra support along the inner foot and a special feature for people who have bunions that it […]

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Dunham by New Balance Review [2020]

If you are looking for a work shoe that is ideal for concrete floors and similar conditions, the Dunham by New Balance Burlington is well worth a look. This is a shoe that successfully combines style with comfort, giving you something that is going to keep up with your active workday. Furthermore, these shoes provide […]

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