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ShoesYou need a different pair of shoes, depending on the activity you are doing. Your body will suffer, if you’re wearing the wrong kind of footwear, your body will develop foot disorders like plantar fasciitis or back pain.

Somebody who’s has a demanding job and is on his feet all day (likes nurses, factory or construction workers, teacher, etc.) needs shoes with a soft footbed, which absorbs shock and won’t push in – if you are wearing them for long periods.

Athletes like runners or soccer player need shoes with special materials that boost the performance of the athlete. Footwear of this kind is often not very comfortable, if you’re wearing them for a few hours or longer.

As you can see, you can’t choose a random pair and expect it to fit perfectly. There are many points you have to consider before buying

Depending on your foot shape the most common types are: Motion controlstability and cushioning shoes.

This section is all about shoe reviews. In the articles I will explain what I like and dislike about each model and help you, making the right decision on what model you should buy (or not).

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