5 Ways to Prevent Back Pain from Standing on Concrete

Most people suffer from back pain at point in their lifetimes. In most countries around the world, back pain is the most cited reason for failure to report to work by many employees. It is also the type of pain that most people complain about. Back pain can result from several different causes.

One of these causes is standing or walking on hard concrete floors all day . The reason for this is that it interferes with your body’s natural ability to absorb shock. For this reason, it is important to learn how to care for your back in order to eliminate back pain from standing on concrete.

Here are 5 ways to prevent back pain from standing on concrete:

Use the right posture when walking

It is important to check your body posture while walking. A bad walking posture can make you feel more pain on your back because of poor spinal alignment. Always keep your head and shoulders properly aligned with your feet and hips.

Buy some cushioned-soled shoes

This type of shoes are made in a way that allows them provide support and cushioning for your feet. This means that they help take the jarring impact on your steps on concrete off your spine by acting as shock absorbers. It the rules and regulations in your workplace allow you to wear athletic shoes, go ahead and buy yourself several pairs.

Install cushioned mats or rugs in your home

If the floor in your home is made of concrete, it is a good idea to install cushioned mats or rugs. Mats work the same way as cushioned shoes when it comes to absorbing the impact of each step. However, if the floors in your workplace are made of concrete, it is important to consider talking to an ergonomic specialist to assist in assessing your work environment for potential harm.

Alternatively, get yourself good insoles.

Exercise your back muscles daily

This helps improve the strength and flexibility of your back muscles. This is because the hundreds of muscles that support your spine suffer from fatigue just like other muscles in your body. The best forms of exercises to help eliminate back pain include knee hugs, cat stretches, as well as pelvic raises. These exercise help reduce the strain on your lower back.

Buy the right type of mattress

Your mattress should offer the proper ratio of support to softness. This helps ensure that you are not putting added strain on your back when you are asleep. If your type of mattress does not meet this requirement, consider buying a new one.


Karl Hatfield is a mechanical engineer from Toronto. When he's not working, he loves to go on outdoor walks with his dog Bernie. He shares tips about fitness walking and gives footwear recommendations on his website dancewalkto.com.

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