How to make Concrete Floor more Comfortable for you while Working

Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Howard Robey

Concrete floors are gaining popularity day by day. Many commercial facilities like factories, warehouses, hospitals prefer installing concrete floor because of its durability. Moreover, almost all sidewalks are made from concrete. A concrete floor, if taken care of properly, can last for 100 years or more.

How to make Concrete Floor more Comfortable for you while Working

However, a concrete floor can be detrimental if you walk or stand on it for a prolonged time. Concrete is hard and doesn’t give much when you walk/stand or run over it. It can cause sore feet, paining ankle, knees, and hip joints that can become chronic if not managed. However, you can prevent/reduce the damage by taking some appropriate measures. In this article, we will discuss these measures.

How to make Concrete Floor more Comfortable for you while Working

Wearing Quality Footwear

Good shoes can and will drastically reduce the impact of concrete flooring on your body. You need to get food shoes according to the nature of your job. If you have a walking job on a concrete floor like a warehouse worker, airport staff, or any other role where you have to walk a lot, buy shoes specifically made for walking purposes.

You will be looking for lightweight shoes with a mesh upper in hot and humid environments or leather shoes with a high-quality shock absorbing insole and outsole with impeccable cushioning if you work in a cold place. You can also wear running shoes if you are on your feet all day long. People who stand on for longer times must go with shoes that provide more cushioning to keep their feet relaxed.

Wearing Good Quality Socks

Yes. You heard that right. Good quality socks are a must for making concrete floors more comfortable. Make sure that your socks are according to the weather and don’t have any holes. You don’t want sweat to cause smelly socks and feet.

Changing Positions Frequently

If you work on concrete, change your positions frequently. This helps take off the stress from your feet and legs. It relaxes the muscles under pressure for some time and eases blood flow to stressed muscles. Bring a stool to your workplace if you can. You can use it for sitting to take off strain and tension from your legs from time to time. If you can’t sit, use a step stool to relax your feet for some time.

Using Anti-Fatigue Mats

Using Anti-Fatigue Mats

A rug or an anti-fatigue mat can considerably reduce stress on your feet while working on hard floors. Many people use small pieces of rugs to stand on tough floors. These rugs act as a cushion on the hard concrete and keep your feet relaxed.

While you can use a piece of carpet, it is better to use a mat specifically made for this purpose. Anti-fatigue mats are available in rubber, carpet, vinyl, or wood. Mats can help prevent back pain but standing for 8-10 hours is not an easy thing. It will still cause you some pain.

Keeping Floors Clean and Dry

Keeping the concrete floors clean and dry will also make them more comfortable for you. Even the tiniest particle can disturb you when you have to stand on a spot for a long time. You may have noticed that dirt particles in your shoes act like a big nuisance, forcing you to take off your shoe and remove the irritant. Similarly, if these dust particles, debris, or any other thing is under your shoes, it will cause problems.

Secondly, wet and dirty floors are a tripping hazard. We don’t want you to fall on concrete as hard floors can give you some severe bruises.


While stretching isn’t directly related to making concrete floors comfortable. It can help keep your feet relaxed and provide strength to navigate a 9-hour shift. Stretch your feet and legs whenever you can find a chance. Utilize your break for a good cause. Stretch and relax.

Final Words

The concrete floor is no longer limited to commercial facilities. Homeowners are also using concrete as flooring inside the home due to its durability and design options. Hence, all of these tips are becoming more relevant now. You can make the concrete floor more comfortable and enjoy working on it by following the tips mentioned above.

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