Brooks Addiction Walker Review

Brooks Addiction Walker provides the incredible combination of being a walking shoe that can be used for everyday casual wear as well. Its popularity stems from the fact that it can be used for miles together, and while providing sturdy support for walking, it also takes care of low arches and helps keep pronation under control. These walking shoes are available for both men and women.

With a sturdy, long-lasting, energy-returning MoGo midsole cushioning, its upper part is highly supple and is made of full-grain leather and its outsole is slip-resistant. Its HydroFlow technology coupled with its DNA adaptive cushioning provides protection during changes in surface and pace.

It also has an Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar that helps in maximum arch support and leads to an enhancement in efficiency. All these features add to its durability, sturdiness and reliability.

Brooks Addiction Walker

What are the Pros of Brooks Addiction Walker Shoes?


For those who have a tendency to pronate severely can highly benefit from these motion-control walking shoes. They keep providing comfort even after miles of walking. Suede overlays provide better flexibility and a more comfortable fit. The DNA adaptive cushioning keeps your feet snug and protected. An enhanced sock liner adds to the overall comfort.


Those who tend to overpronate while walking have an issue with stability. Their feet roll inwards more than usual while hitting the ground. This can cause insufficient shock absorption that can later show up as chronic feet and leg pains. These shoes prevent the inward rolling and keep pronation under control.


The Progressive Diagonal Rollbar present in the Brooks Transition allows pronation to stay under control. This in turn leads to a smoother transition from heel strike to toe off, thus reducing acute cramps and enhances speed and efficiency.


The outsole of the shoe is not only abrasion-resistant but is also made of high performance rubber, making it more durable. The upper part keeps moisture away with the help of a mesh. This keeps both shoes and your feet protected from water intrusion.

addiction walker sole


The Brooks Addiction is designed to be used on running tracks, uneven surfaces and gravel terrains. The incredible cushioning that this shoe provides does not let you feel the pebbles or stones underneath your feet and also prevents insufficient shock absorption.


This is probably the best feature of these shoes. They are versatile in their usage. From a regular walk, to a light jog, to marathon walks and heavy workouts, these shoes are perfect for every condition. They are flexible and provide enough support and comfort for all of these activities.

Eco friendly:

The midsole of Brooks Addiction is completely biodegradable and the first in its league. Anaerobic organisms can decompose the shoe 50 times faster. This is an amazing step towards preserving the environment.

brooks addiction walker black

What are the disadvantages?

There are not many to speak of, but two such issues need to be highlighted.


Since the shoes provide advanced cushioning, it is but natural that they will be heavier. At 380 grams, they may not be particularly comfortable as walking at high speeds.


Compared to other walking sneakers, they are priced higher at around $110-120. This might be a deterrent for people who are looking at a more affordable pair.

addiction walker in white

The Bottom Line

Considering the benefits it provides to overpronators in terms of cushioning, transition, flexibility, comfort and stability, the price of the product seems worth it. Despite being heavier, it is widely popular because of its motion control techniques. It can prevent injuries to feet and legs while walking, standing or working out and has been rated 10 for perfect stability. Its heel and forefoot cushioning is not the best, but the way it combines numerous technologies to help keep pronation under control, Brooks Addiction Walker motion control shoes are here to stay!

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