5 Best Work Boots for Railroad Workers Reviews & Buying Guide

Choosing the best work boot is essential, especially if you are a railroad worker. You must choose shoes that can help you to work efficiently for a long time. This can be the most valuable decision you will make because it will help you in the long run.

Working on the railroad can be dangerous, and you need to take care of your health and safety. If you are working on the railroad, then you must take the time to invest in the best footwear that can help to save your life. Here are the best work boots for the railroad.

Work Boots for Railroad Workers Reviews

1. Thorogood Men’s Composite Safety Toe Boot – Editors Choice

Support: The Thorogood GenFlex work boots are composite toe railroad work boots that provide you with the best support and safety.

Gen-Flex Technology: They are designed with Gen-Flex technology and give you the perfect freedom of movement and heel support.

Comfort: The work boots are made with superior rugged oiled full-grain leather with abrasion-resistant toe and side bumpers that are perfect for a railroad worker.

Lightweight: They come with a non-metallic safety toe and are super lightweight. Gen-Flex technology also makes the shoes more flexible.

Cushioned insole: The Thorogood composite safety toe boots come with a removable EVA cushioned flexible insole, and the compression-molded EVA midsole offers the best support.

My Opinion

Pros: The shoes are designed with a comfortable spacer mesh lining and anti-roll bar heel support that will provide you with perfect comfort and support for railroad workers.

Cons: The work boots are not water-resistant

Thorogood Men's boots for railroad workers

2. Carhartt Work Safety-Toe NWP Work Boot – Best Budget Work Boots

Safety: The Carhartt work boots are ASTM rated and offer superior safety. They are designed with a quality steel toe that provides you with the best electrical hazard protection, which is best for a railroad worker.

Breathable: They are designed with oil-tanned leather upper with a breathable moisture-wicking lining inside. This can help the railroad workers to work for prolonged hours.

Cushioning: The boots come with a quality Polyurethane cushioning in the midsole that gives the railroad workers better shock absorption.

Traction: The rubber outsole of the work boots comes with open-edge mud release lugs that give better traction. It is an excellent feature for railroad workers because they have to work on terrain lands

Grip: One of Carhartt work boots’ best features is that they come with ladder lock grips and a steel shank.

My Opinion

Pros: The Carhartt work boots are designed with a padded collar and a cushioned insole.

Cons: The work boots are not punctured resistant.

Carhartt Men's boots for railroad workers

3. Martens Men’s Composite Toe 7-Eye Boot – Best Safety Work Boots

Ideal for railroad workers: Dr. Marten Calamus is an ideal choice for railroad workers. The work boots come with the best slip-resistant outsole.

Durable: Every worker needs durable shoes that are also electrical hazard safe. The shoes are incredibly durable and are best for railroad workers.

Breathable: The work boots by Dr. Martens comes with a breathable mesh inner lining that helps you to have dry feet all day.

Safety: They are designed with synthetic uppers and have a rigid construction.

They are electrical hazard safe and provide safety against electricity on the railroad.

Slip Resistant: The boots come with heat, slip, and oil-resistant rubber outsole and ensure the highest level of traction.

My Opinion

Pros: The Marten’s work boots are designed with a safety toe cap and a comfortable footbed, which is best for railroad workers.

Cons: The users have complained that the work boots are uncomfortable and get smelly.

Dr. Martens Men's boots for railroad workers

4. Caterpillar Men’s 2nd Shift 6″ Plain Soft-Toe Work Boot – Best Features

Tough: The men’s Caterpillar boots are highly functional. They are comfortable and have a rigid design. The users can enjoy all the features, and the work on the railroads will become easy.

Leather uppers: The soft and comfortable Nubuck leather uppers are sturdy, and the plain soft-toe will help the workers at the railroad. The workers have to stand for long hours, and when the boots are comfortable, they can feel at ease.

Technology: Climasphere technology will help keep your feet at the right temperature no matter the weather conditions. It is suitable for the railroad workers as their feet won’t be sweaty even when they work in summers.

Durable: They are lined with a breathable Nylon lining and sock liner. There is high traction oil-resistant outsole, which will help make railroad work easy.

My opinion

Pros: The Tough and indestructible Goodyear Welt construction will keep your feet comfortable. The soft toe and plush comfortable collar are also perfect features for railroad work.

Cons: The design isn’t awe-inspiring, and the work boots are a little expensive too.

Caterpillar Men's boots for railroad workers

5. Timberland PRO Men’s Hyperion Safety Toe Work Boot – Best Overall

Safety toe: The Timberland Pro Men’s work boot is the perfect addition to your railroad workwear wardrobe. Safety toe will make your work easy, and your feet won’t feel much pressure either.

Waterproof: They are waterproof and feature an alloy safety toe, and these are some of the safety features that will facilitate railroad work. The waterproof and breathable with a mesh lining and anti-odor treatment will keep your feet sweat-free.

Anti-fatigue technology: The anti-fatigue technology and comfortable cushioning will protect your feet against an injury. The lightweight alloy safety toe cap is durable and will last longer during severe working conditions.

Comfort system: The work boot’s PowerFit comfort system will ensure that you enjoy the most comfortable fit. The dual-density footbed and EVA midsole offer comfort and support for tough workers.

My opinion

Pros: The work boots are durable and feature a slip-resistant Vibram outsole.

Cons: The midsole is not very sturdy.

Timberland PRO work boots for railroad workers


When it comes to your work boots, a little bit of everything is the answer. There are so many hazards on the railroad job that you need a good pair of boots. They should have a dozen of safety features, and the important ones are mentioned below:

Safety Toe

You can purchase metal-free work boots that have a safety toe. It should be protective and keep your feet secure. The composite toe would work best for you. It should offer a 200J of impact resistance to the workers.

Protective Midsole

The protective midsole should be completely punctured proof. The boot constructed with steel can work because metal can add to foot fatigue, among other problems. Composite fiberglass is a good option, as well.

Anti-static Materials 

The work boots with a static buildup can be annoying and painful, especially when working with metal. When you are working at the railroad touching something with rubber will help. If you don’t want to use that option, you can wear natural materials like wool or cotton.


If you are working outdoors, the weather will mostly be dry and muddy. The boots featuring Gore-Tex will keep your boots waterproof yet breathable.

Heat Resistance 

Everyone wants to keep their feet warm, but not too warm. If your feet become too hot or cold, it will be uncomfortable. The heat resistance should be at least 300 degrees Celsius (572 degrees Fahrenheit).

A Quick Fastening System

If the boots have a side zip, it will work well as it is a very convenient choice for the workers. If a boot gets caught in something, you can take your feet out quickly.

Impact Resistance 

There should be a proper impact resistance around the ankles. You not only have to think about objects falling on your toes or getting injured.

Good Traction

The soles of your boots should be gripping enough so they can handle a variety of surfaces, including abrasion, water, and oil.


Why do you need work boots for working on the railroad?

The railroad workers need to move vehicles that can crush your feet. There is also a risk of falling objects on the work site for which a safety toe work boot may be needed. The railroad workers have to work on uneven terrain, and the surfaces are also wet with oil spills that can cause slipping hazards. It is essential to get high traction outsole boots if you work as a railroad worker.

Are railroad work boots puncture resistant?

The railroad workers have to deal with dangerous pointy objects lying around and can puncture their feet. This is railroad work boots come with puncture-resistant midsoles.

How can railroad work boots protect you from hazards?

Some railroad work boots are designed with many safety features, and they will give plenty of protection from hazards.

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