8 Best Work Boots for Bad Knees Reviews & Buying Guide

Many people don’t have the idea that our feet can help to keep our knees in good shape. High quality work boots are perfect for bad knees, and that is why wearing the correct footgear is vital. Find out about the best work boots for bad knees that will help you to prevent your knee problems.

Work Boot for Bad Knees Reviews

1. Irish Setter Men’s 6″ 83605 Work Boot – Best Budget

Superior comfort: The Irish Setter work boot is perfect if you work at a construction site or have to perform a job in extreme heat.

Heat resistance: They offer excellent heat resistance and come with superior comfort features perfect for painful knees.

Water-resistant: The shoes are designed with water-resistant full-grain leather. The leather uppers are manufactured with Goodyear welt construction.

Traction: They come with a heat resistant outsole and are made with thick rubber EVA traction treads.

Durable: The work boots by Irish Setter are ideal for shock absorbency and provide you with a good grip, which is excellent for sore knees.

My Opinion

Pros: The work boots are designed with a removable supportive polyurethane insole and offer a good fit.

Cons: The vamp lining in the shoes don’t give you proper ventilation.

Irish Setter Men's boots for bad knees

2. KEEN Utility Men’s Flint Low Steel Toe Work Shoe – Best Steel Toe Work Boots

Comfort: Keen’s Flint work shoes are ideal for people who suffer from knee and hip pain.

Insole: They offer the best comfort and offer a low profile athletic comfort solution.

The metatomical insole moves your toes easily and also offers you supreme dual-layered comfort.

Fit: The inner soles of KEEN’s work boots are removable and perfect for all foot types.

Midsole: The shoes come with a shank that is embedded in the midsole. It helps you to withstand force and also relieve pressure off your knees.

Heel lock: They are designed with a contoured heel lock that ensures your feet don’t slide, and you can keep the pressure off your knees.

My Opinion

Pros: The boots come with an oil and slip-resistant outsole and helps you to keep your feet safe and deflect any impacts that come your way.

Cons: The work boots are not waterproof.

Keen Utility Men's boots for bad knees

3. Timberland PRO Men’s Composite Safety Toe Work Boot- Best Safety Work Boots

Safety: The work boots can help to secure your feet as they have a rugged design.

Comfort: The boots’ inner sole is designed to provide you with supreme comfort and gives the user an added extra energy return.

Lightweight: They are lightweight and also provide you with shank support. It also offers total shock absorption.

Construction: The shoes are designed with cement/welt constructed heels that provide your feet with a stable position that prevents you from getting bad knees.

Toe protection: They help keep your feet correctly aligned and locked in place to support your knees.

My Opinion

Pros: The boots come with toe protection, and the composite safety toe ensures the user a lightweight endurance.

Cons: The boots are not abrasion resistant and are not that durable.

Timberland PRO Men's boots for bad knees

4. Ariat Composite Toe Work Boot–Best Composite Toe Work Boots

StableAriat has designed these cowboy work boots manufactured on the next level to provide your knees’ best safety.

Secure: The boots come with a sturdy inner mesh lining and are equipped with a heel grip. This helps you to keep your feet secure in place, which is excellent to protect your knees.

Seamless Comfort: They have four layers of seamless comfort line. The inner sole of the boots provides your feet with the best support.

Spacious: The work boots come with a semi-square toe design and helps to add more space to the toe box. This gives your toes the room to move comfortably, which is perfect for protecting your knees.

Lightweight:  They have a lightweight composite toe and an anti-slip tread.

My Opinion

Pros:  The boots have a waterproof leather construction and make these work boots safe and comfortable.

Cons: These work boots are not steel toe boots.

Ariat Work Men's boots for bad knees

5. Carhartt Men’s Lightweight Hiker 6-Inch Black Steel Toe – Best Features

Design: Carhartt Men’s work boot is an ultimate boot camp designed for use in any industry. It will help to accommodate tired feet and aching knees.

Footbed: The footbed is constructed scientifically after reviewing more than 100 000 3D foot scans. It will bring you superior comfort and relief from foot and joint pains.

Compression: They offer high rebound compression foam, and it will provide all-day anti-fatigue support at work. There is an ultra-grip top layer that will keep your feet secure.

Technology: The fast dry technology takes the moisture away in a flash, keeping your feet dry even when you are sweaty in the hot summers.

Resistance: They are chemical, slip, and abrasion-resistant while a steel toe in the front and an electrical hazard protection unit are equipped within for proper support to the feet.

My opinion

Pros: You will need protection on the job site, and these boots will offer protection against incidental contact with electrical circuits of 18,000 volts.

Cons: The work boots are not very long-lasting, and you will have to buy a new pair after some time use.

Carhartt Men's boots for bad knees

6. Danner Men’s Vicious 8″ 400G NMT Work Boot – Editor’s Choice

Tough: The Danner Vicious is challenging, as its name states, and they are the perfect choice for bad knees. The boots are manufactured to perform harsh work environments giving your feet and knees a lot of comforts.

Durable: The work boots are genuine and durable because they are constructed with good quality leather. The uppers of the boots feature a waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex lining that facilitates terrible knees.

Outsole: They feature a severe slip and oil-resistant Vibram outsole. The low profile 90-degree heel is a beautiful feature that will take away the pressure on your knees.

Shock absorbent: The work boots have got excellent shock absorbency. They are insulated with 400 grams of Thinsulate Ultra insulation, and it will help your knees be free of all pains.

My opinion

Pros: The work boots offer lightweight, athletic performance while the trail guard platform is ideal for sore knees.

Cons: The shaft is a little short, and the outsole could have been a little better.

Danner Men's boots for bad knees

7. Wolverine Men’s W03294 Durashock Boot – Best Budget

Comfortable: Wolverine Men’s work boots will feel confident and comfortable with every step. It will keep the knee pains away by securing your feet. Most of the customers feel that it is an ideal choice for bad knees and foot conditions.

Shock absorbent: The Wolverine work boot will offer you knee protection and shock absorbency. The work boots are designed in such a way that they will help you move freely from one place to the other.

Impact resistance: The Wolverine MultiShox and Durashock technology in these work boots offer the best protection to the knees and impact resistance.

Midsole: They feature a rigid polyurethane midsole, and a protective fiberglass shank will keep your knees away from an injury.

Uppers: The boots are lined with Dri-Lex in the pigskin uppers, and that will keep the moisture away and seal out external liquids.

My opinion

Pros: The work boots are lightweight and available in a steel toe option too.

Cons: The boots are not a very durable choice, and some people don’t like the design either.

Wolverine work boots for bad knees

8. PUMA Safety Men’s Atomic – Best Construction

Support: The puma is leading expertise in foot support and makes it one of the best options for preserving your knees from pain or injury. The sole’s interiors are slip-proof, and you won’t fall even in places where oil spills are frequent.

Footbed: The work boots have a replaceable Evercomfort footbed that secures the feet in the correct and anatomical position. It will give the best degree of support to your overall feet as well as knees. 

Inner sole: A flexible midsole accompanies the inner sole. It also adds another layer of supreme cushioning inside the boots and provides superior comfort to your knees.

Leather construction: The work boot’s outer layer is waterproof is made of the finest quality leather that will not only last long but keeps your feet firmly planted inside.

My opinion

Pros: The steel safety toe protects your feet, especially knees, from impacts and shock absorbent outer soles.

Cons: The amount of cushioning could improve a little. The work boots are not available in many colors.

Puma Men's work boots for bad knees


Work boots for knee problems can help solve all the knee problems and make you efficient. Here are some must-have features that your work boots for bad knees should have:


The middle of the work shoes for bad knees should be near the toe joints and should be flexible to allow for natural movement. The flexible shoes can also be great for preventing bad knees.


The heel of your work boots should be able to fit snugly and help secure the back of the foot. The arches of the boots should also be designed in the right place. The boots also must have a shank that can help you to provide extra stability to the shoes.

Arch Support

The boots must have a comfortable footbed that comes with optimal padding. The arch support is also essential for good work boots for bad knees. This helps to take off the pressure from your feet and help you walk with a good posture. It can also help to aid your knees. The boots should also have a longer shank that gives you firmer arch support. Make sure that the inner sole also helps to accommodate your foot type.

Shock Absorption

The boots should have Shock absorbing features and will help to deflect the impacts on your feet when they are exposed while you are at your workplace. This can help to minimize the pressure on your knees, hips, and feet.

Slip Resistance

Slipping and sliding on the ground can put a lot of strain and pressure on the knees as your body corrects itself and returns to the original position. Having slip-resistant work boots will prevent this from occurring.


Will work boots for bad knees help relieve Knee pain?

The supportive and comfortable work boots will keep the pressure away from the knees, and it will also encourage leg alignment and balance.

Is standing wrong for your knees? 

Standing for long hours at the worksite can be bad for your knees, so it is good to take a break while you are walking or standing. There are plenty of work boots on the market that can be used to protect your knees.

Is arch support critical for your knee support? 

Most boots fall short of giving critical arch support and may not protect the knees fully. You have to check the features as well as the brand before making a final choice.

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