5 Best Work Boots for Asphalt Paving Reviews & Buying Tips

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There is a wide range of problems asphalt workers have to face on the worksite. They have to work long, and their working schedule goes up to 8 to 10 hours without any rest. This puts a lot of stress on their feet, back, and joints.

Also, they have to handle hot and dangerous substances that can damage their boots and feet. Therefore, the asphalt workers need to have a proper pair of work boots that can offer ultimate protection and comfort. In this guide, you will get the details about the best work boots for Asphalt paving.

Work Boots for Asphalt Paving Reviews

1. Timberland PRO Men’s 52562 Work Boot – Overall Best

Anti-fatigue technology: The Timberland Pro Men’s Work Boots are equipped with an anti-fatigue technology featuring a shock-absorbing system that provides you the support your feet would need all day long.

Mesh lining: They are designed with a mesh lining that has antimicrobial properties, essential to fight the smell that is generated by working all day on hot pavement.

Powerfit comfort system: This comfort system features ergonomically designed components to provide the asphalt workers long-lasting comfort.

Shaft: These work boots have a decent size shaft to provide perfect protection to your ankles from getting abrasions that might occur from handling hot pavement.

Abrasion-resistant: The boots have an oil, slip, and abrasion-resistant outsole that provides the workers with enough traction. It can help them walk on all kinds of surfaces, including hot pavement, and never let them slip and fall.

My Opinion

Pros: These Timberland work boots are high-quality boots ideal for asphalt paving. These boots are featured with anti-fatigue technology, a Powerfit comfort system for extra comfort, a steel safety toe, and an antimicrobial odor control system.

Cons: Its sole doesn’t last long.

Timberland PR Workboots for tough work

2. Timberland PRO Men’s Boondock Boot – With Molded Rubber Toe Protector

Anti-fatigue technology: These work boots from Timberland come with a dual-density and anti-fatigue technology that will keep your feet and joints free from pain.

Comfort: No matter how long your working hours are, these work boots provide all-day comfort to the users. Both the inner sole and outsole are designed to provide an extra level of comfort.

Abrasion-resistant: The timberland work boots are designed with an abrasion-resistant rubber sole that gives you the confidence of handling the hot pavement.

Toe Protector: The molded rubber toe protector keeps both your toes and boots well-protected.

Fiberglass shank: These work boots have a fiberglass shank for great structural support.

My Opinion

Pros: The leather used to manufacture these boots is of top quality and makes the work boots look awesome. Also, its anti-fatigue technology, abrasion-resistant sole, and rubber toe protector make it highly suitable for asphalt workers.

Cons: The insole of the work boots come off quickly.

Timberland PRO waterproof work boots

3. Irish Setter Work Men’s 83912 Work Boot – Long Work Boot for Asphalt Paving

Suitable for tough conditions: If you are an Asphalt worker, then you can also select these work boots from an Irish setter. They have a heat-resistant outsole that can withstand the temperature of hot pavement.

They are also breathable, so you can work wearing these boots in extreme heat as well.

Comfortable: If you wish to perform optimally on a construction site without facing any discomfort, you must buy the Irish setter footwear. It comes with a removable polyurethane footbed, and its RPM technology not only reduces the weight of the boot but also provides an extreme level of comfort.

Leather: These work boots are made up of 100% leather. Its leather quality is quite excellent.

Design: It is a long work boot featuring a 12-inch shaft and a 15-inch opening. Its long shaft makes this work boot more secure for the asphalt workers.

Ultra dry waterproofing system: The work boots by Irish setter are also equipped with an ultra-dry functionality. A moisture management lining with waterproof elements keep your feet dry and provide long-lasting comfort.

My Opinion

Pros: These work boots are waterproof and resistant to solvents. They are made with 100% leather and are ideal for wearing in extremely hot conditions. Also, the RPM technology keeps these boots weightless.

Cons: They have minor durability issues.

Irish Setter work boots

4. Iron Age Men’s Ground Breaker IA5016 Work Boot – Cheap Work Boot for Asphalt Paving

Affordable: The Iron Age Men’s Ground Breaker Work Boot is suitable for people who are on a tight budget. The low price doesn’t always mean low quality.

Durable: The shoes are quite durable and provide adequate protection against extreme heat or water, making it an ideal choice for asphalt workers.

Rubber Outsole: Its rubber outsole is both heat-resistant and slip-resistant. Asphalt workers can freely move with these boots on hot pavement as well as water.

Leather: It has a full-grain leather upper that offers durability and protection. Also, its Goodyear welt construction makes it extra durable.

Comfort: Removable EVA footbed, spongy rubber heel, and steel toe provide extra cushioning, support, and comfort to the asphalt workers.

My Opinion

Pros: Iron Age offers the best quality work boot at an affordable price. It is slip and heat-resistant, made up of leather, and provides extra comfort and support.

Cons: They are a bit heavy.

Iron Age work boots

5. Wolverine Contractor LX WPF Construction Boot – With Posi Fit Heel

Protection: This Wolverine Contractor work boot helps prevent back, knee, and foot pain, which is quite common in asphalt workers working all day. These boots are slip-resistant and will not make you fall on slippery surfaces.

Posi fit heel: A built-in posi fit heel offer lasting comfort and keep your feet in good shape with a secure fit.

Height: The 7-inch height of the wolverine boots will protect your feet up to the ankles from any spills of hot pavement. This gives a sense of relief that nothing will happen to your feet. 

Toes: The boots feature abrasion-resistant toes that give you the confidence that injuries will never occur. It also provides excellent traction on any surface, including hot pavement.

Waterproof: The boots are manufactured using a breathable waterproof membrane with moisture-wicking mesh. It will safeguard your feet from water and external temperatures.

My Opinion 

Pros: Wolverine work boots have a rubber lug outsole and a posi fit heel for a comfortable fit. It is waterproof and made up of high-quality leather.

Cons: The boots are available in one design and color, which is not liked by the customers.

Wolverine work boots


If you want to purchase the best work boots for asphalt paving, these are the must-have features.

Cushioned footbeds and midsoles

Asphalt workers work around 10 to 12 hours on the worksite, and they suffer from back and leg pain quite often. So, it is recommended to select those boots featuring a cushioned footbed and a shock-absorbing midsole. Both these features will give your feet much-needed comfort and safety.

An outsole that doesn’t leave a mark

During asphalt paving, workers have to deal with hot pavement all the time. If the outsoles leave a mark on the surface, it will hinder the work, and also your feet will get injured due to hotness.

Breathable features

Asphalt workers work in extreme heat conditions, and they feel hot and sweaty all the time. Therefore, the boots should be manufactured with breathable materials to keep their feet dry all the time.

Composite Safety toe

For an asphalt worker, a safety toe work boot is a must. A composite toe boot is way better than a metal or steel toe as it doesn’t conduct heat. It is an ideal choice when you are working under the hot sun and doing the pavement. It protects your toes from high temperatures.

Waterproof and insulation

Asphalt workers also work in intense weather conditions, so their boots must be waterproof. The cleaning tasks may make your feet wet, which can be troublesome, but if your boots are correctly insulated and waterproof, you will feel comfortable.


Why do you need asphalt work boots?

Asphalt work boots are ideal for workers working on hot, slippery, and hard surfaces. If you want to keep your feet safe from burns and injuries, you should purchase them. The pavement and roof covering become easy when you wear these boots.

What are the features of work boots for asphalt paving?

The work boots for asphalt paving come with cushioned footbeds and shock-absorbing midsoles that provide your feet the best support and comfort you need on your job site.

Why are asphalt work boots necessary for workers working on the asphalt paving sites?

The work boots that are designed for paving asphalt help safeguard your feet and prevent them from getting into contact with the abrasive substances. The shoes are made with quality materials that work for a long.

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