The Best Shoes for Working on Concrete [Top 3 Reviewed]

Jobs that involve standing for long periods can cause various strains on your body. Mostly, these issues are ignored till they aggravate something chronic. This usually happens because people do not realize that it’s the STANDING (see shoes for standing on concrete all day) that is the problem, and they attribute the pains in their legs and backs to something else. In most of these cases, treatment is delayed which makes them more acute, when in fact, just something as simple as altering your shoes can take care of these problems.

Here, we shall be talking about the risks that people who have to stand a lot have to face and make suggestions for some of the best shoes for working on concrete that is available in the market at present.

Activities that Require Working on Concrete All Day

welder workingHard concrete is present in several workplaces, where workers have to work for long periods of time. The common places are construction sites, packaging jobs, and factory areas where people have to work on hard flooring.

Some supermarkets also have hard flooring, where the cashiers are the major sufferers since their job compels them to stand in one spot for long periods of time.

Other jobs that require long-time standing on hard flooring, though not necessarily concrete, include teaching, sports coaches, show performers and speakers, and such.

Foot Injuries Caused by Long-term Standing

Long-term standing can bring in a host of problems, one of the most serious of which is plantar fasciitis. The plantar fascia is the muscle that supports the arch of the foot. In normal circumstances, this muscle is highly flexible, which allows for the free movement of the foot in various directions.

However, long-term standing puts pressure on this muscle, which causes it to lose its elasticity. This is where the problems begin. In more severe conditions, this might develop to overpronation, which leads to the foot losing its archlike shape and becoming flat.


There are other issues that are associated with long-term standing as well, such as pains in the calf muscles, thigh muscles, and even in the lower back (how to prevent back pain from standing on concrete) which is known as the lumbar region. Standing for long durations can also stifle the supply of blood in the leg muscles, which can lead to varicose veins.

Top-Rated Work Shoes (and Their Features)

Most of the issues mentioned here are caused due to standing for very long periods of time, and hence they are associated with people whose job does not allow them to take sitting breaks.

anti fatigue mat

An anti fatigue mat

There are anti-fatigue mats available that can be installed on the hard flooring. The main factor here is the hard flooring itself. If, however, the flooring could be changed to something softer, the feet would get relief and these problems would not arise. There are several ways in which you can do that.

  • You could get soft insoles for your feet, or you could go for shoes themselves that are built with soft flexible heels and insoles that give relief to your plantar fascia and other feet muscles.

Of these various options, the anti-fatigue shoes are the most preferred since they are long-lasting and the solution can be customized according to the needs of the user. This has caused an industry around them, and now even the best-rated concrete work shoes are available at competitive prices.

So, if you cannot change the flooring of your workplace, which is not a possibility in most circumstances, you need to switch over to more comfortable footwear that is specifically designed a work environment that has hard flooring.

Reviews of Popular Shoe Models of this Kind

dunham burlington waterproof1. Dunham by New Balance Burlington

The Dunham shoe is a trendy shoe with laces that blends fashion with workability. The shoes are available for men only. They are designed quite fashionable with a rounded toe-end. Their upper part uses high-polished leather and the lower part is of rubber.

There is an insole of compression-molded EVA foam, which adds to the stress-relieving effect and adds to the comfort. They use the ABZORB cushioning technology that is patented by the company. Apart from these features, the shoe is also waterproof. With 4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon, it is one of the highest-rated works hoes available currently.

2. Skechers for Work Men’s Exalt Closer

Skechers for Work Exalt CloserSkechers is quite an old brand name, and their Work Men’s Closer range of shoes is highly rated. The shoes are slip-ons and available in men’s sizes. They are meant for casual office wear, and are designed minimally.

Their upper face is made of full-grain leather and has carefully designed accents to add to their look. In order to add to the comfort quotient, they are provided with elastic sides, and they have an inner lining of a soft fabric material.

3. Dansko Walker Oxford

DANSKO WALKER OXFORDDansko Walker is a brand of lace-up shoe that is made especially for hard-flooring work environments. It has a heavy rating on Amazon, around 4.7 stars, which puts it right on the top of the heap.

It has a clog base and a waterproof high-polished leather top. While the inside of the shoe remains highly comfortable to the wearer, the outside displays a high level of fashion.

Shoes to Avoid

When you are looking for work or walking shoes for concrete surfaces, you need to look out for some red flags that might make the situation more harmful for you. Though these shoes are designed as shoes for work environments, they can actually aggravate the condition with their special design flaws. Keep your eyes peeled basically for these things:

  • Your shoes must have heels of less than 2 inches. Anything more than this will make your heel arch up all the more and put more pressure on the plantar fascia and shin muscles.
  • Your shoes must not be flat either. A flat shoe will flatten out the plantar fascia and keep it in contact with the base all the time.
  • Do not go for shoes that have thin ends for the toes. This will keep your toes compressed and that could add to the stress.
  • Avoid shoes that have thin soles and insoles. If they are not cushioned enough, they would not be able to relieve the stress of the hard concrete on your foot.
  • In effect, do not buy any shoes that do not fit you well. Always try them out beforehand.

Insoles in Your Shoes

Insoles are always good when working on concrete. These insoles should have a thickness of at least half a centimeter and they should be cushioned enough to provide you with a good amount of comfort and support.

Keep a watch over your insoles as well. They tend to wear out quickly, depending on how long you stand per day, and when that happens they will be ineffective. You should replace your insoles when their thickness begins to wear out.


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