Top 10 Shoes for Walking on Concrete All Day [Men and Women]

The human foot plays a crucial role in the movement, but it is easy to forget just how fragile it really is. There is even more risk of an injury for those that live active lifestyles, such as joggers, fitness walkers, hikers, and tennis players.

close view of asphalt in a cityThe good news is that modern medical and bio-mechanical science has done a great job of creating footwear that is capable of protecting and supporting the feet of even the most active of people.

There will be some of our readers who know something about this subject, but there are many more who know little about it. This article will help to educate such readers about this subject and will answer some questions that are relevant to it along the way.

What are the different foot types?

Just as every human being is unique, so too are feet. This being said, there a 3 major varieties in which feet come in. These include:

foot types

NORMAL FEET – Normal feet are characterized by normal-sized arches and leave flared footprints. The footprint will also reveal a broad connection between the forefoot and heel. When walking, a normal foot will usually land on the outside and roll slightly inward in order to absorb stress.

FLAT FEET – Flat feet tend to be characterized by low arches and will leave a footprint that resembles the entire sole of the foot. Flat feet usually indicate feet that are over-pronated. Because of this, flat feet tend to roll farther inwards than necessary, and over time this can lead to a variety of injuries and biomechanical problems.

HIGH-ARCHED FEET – These kinds of feet tend to be characterized by footprints that reveal a very narrow band – or sometimes no band at all – between the forefoot and the heel. Feet of this kind tend to under-pronate when the affected individual walks. This means that high-arched feet tend to absorb less shock than they should, and over time this can and often does lead to a variety of joint problems.

Note: I’ve just found another fitness walking resource from a women called Jennifer Langstroem. She’s also reviewing walking shoes and gives tips about different walking techniques. I had a quick look on one of her articles about shoes for concrete which is a great addition to the article you’re reading right now. Check it out! I recommend her shoe suggestions and especially the part on how to choose the right footwear.

Differences between concrete and other surfaces

someone standing on concrete floorSome surfaces that are commonly used for fitness walking and running are – in ascending order of softest to hardest – beach sand, grass, cross-country paths, synthetic running tracks, asphalt, and concrete.

Asphalt and concrete are the two hardest surfaces to operate on, but concrete is the hardest of them all. How hard? Concrete is around 10 TIMES harder than asphalt!

This means that unlike softer surfaces, all of the impact pressures are focused on the joints of the body, and that gives concrete the highest potential of any surface for causing and exacerbating chronic joint injuries.

This in turn means that those that spend a lot of time walking, working, running, or even standing on concrete need to protect their feet, their joints, and their overall orthopedic health by investing in protective footwear.

Features of the best concrete walking shoes

bottom of soleThe best sneakers for walking on concrete tend to have certain features in common. The following is a list of some of these characteristics.

BREATHABILITY – This is a very underrated feature, but it is essential for those that will be using shoes of this kind for fitness walking (especially in the hot summer months).

ARCH SUPPORT – A large proportion of the population suffers from problems with weak arches, and quite a few more suffer from flat feet. Because of this, shoes that offer adequate arch support are critical for anyone who takes part in fitness walking.

LATERAL SUPPORT – When someone takes a step, the foot will actually pronate (turn inwards) or supinate (turn outwards) depending on their individual physiology. A good fitness walker (shoe) will help to prevent the foot of the wearer from over-rotating in one direction or the other.

FLEXIBLE UPPERS – As much as the bottom of the foot needs support, the top of the foot needs freedom of movement. Thus, shoes that have flexible uppers offer snug support while at the same time allowing the parts of the foot that need to move the freedom to do so.

Shoes for Men for Walking on Concrete

1. Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc Slip-On Shoe

The slip-on shoes by Merrell are made from 100% suede leather and come with an easy to wear design. The rubber sole is designed to keep your feet comfortable while you walk on the concrete floor for long periods or a morning walk. The elastic side goring makes your feet comfortable by giving you a custom fit, and the shoes just shape themselves according to the shape of your feet. The upper leather is stain and water-resistant, adding durability to your shoes. The midsole comes with an air-cushion to provide more comfort and ease to your feet. The mesh lining is breathable and keeps your feet free from sweating. The air-cushion in the heel absorbs shock and sudden jerks and gives you stability while you walk on concrete floors. The lug depth is 0.1 inches. The M select anti-slip technology makes it safe to walk and jog on slippery surfaces. The M Select FIT.ECO is an EVA blended contoured foot-bed that provides organic odor control to keep your shoes fresh.

Our Opinion and Verdict: A stylish, decent, and comfortable shoes to own. These shoes are perfect for walking, jogging, and casual purposes.

Merrell Men's shoes to walk on concrete

2. New Balance Men’s MW411v2 Walking Shoe

These walking shoes are made of leather and rubber. The upper part is made of leather while the sole is made of rubber. The rubber sole provides comfort and support to your feet. It also absorbs any jerks or shocks while walking on a concrete floor. The shoes are safe for wearing in case any small stone comes on your way. They will keep your feet protected in such situations. The lace-up shoes come in a perforated upper to make your shoes breathable, resulting in keeping your feet fresh and sweat-free. This also helps in eliminating odor from your socks and shoes. The New Balance applique at quarter panel adds style to your shoes. The shoes are designed to fit your feet and achieve their intended purpose: keep your feet comfortable while you walk and run.

Our Opinion and Verdict: It is a simple and comfortable shoe. If you are looking for a durable walking partner, it is one of the best options to buy.

New Balance Men's shoes for concrete

3. Dreamcity Men’s Water Shoes Athletic Sport Lightweight Walking Shoes

The shoes have a rubber sole and a breathable air mesh upper to allow breathing space for your shoes. Breathability reduces sweat in your feet and keeps them fresh while you walk for long periods, not only concrete but other surfaces as well. The Solyte midsole provides you with an excellent midsole, which gives your shoe comfort, durability, and bounce- back features with every step you take on a concrete floor. Don’t worry about the traction, even when it’s raining. The shoes will give you anti-slip outsole and keep your grip steady in wet conditions. The ComforDry sock liner gives the cushioning needed to ensure comfort for your shoes. The shoes have a unique shoelace design, which is not difficult to tie up like a conventional lace. You just have to pull a string to fir your shoes on your feet.

Our Opinion and Verdict: These shoes are a great walking partner and keep your feet relaxed and comfortable while you walk on concrete for an extended time.

Dreamcity Men's shoes for concrete

4. QANSI Men’s Sneakers Non Slip Work Shoes Ultra Lightweight Breathable Athletic Running Walking Gym Tennis Shoes

Are you a fan of black shoes with a different design and outlook? Qansi has got you covered with these walking shoes. They also come in a lot of other colors, so these shoes will satisfy your hunger for having a different shoe color each time you buy them. The knitted mesh upper increases the breathability, keeping your feet dry and odor-free. The cushioned insole and breathable lining give your feet all the comfort they need. They add support with every step you take, and you feel like just wearing a feather on your feet. The arch support insole gives the midfoot support when you move on concrete floors. The outsole is flexibly designed to give your feet a wide range of movement. It has a three-eyelet lace-up closure, which helps in quick wearing and taking off. The sole provides you with an anti-slip mechanism to make your grip sturdy and decrease the chances of slipping on wet surfaces.

Our Opinion and Verdict: It is a versatile shoe for walking, party, and outdoor purposes. These shoes add value to your purchase with their durable construction and beautiful design.

QANSI Men's lightweight running and walking shoes

5. ASICS Men’s Gel-kahana 8 Trail Runner

Asics concrete-walking shoes are made from 100% synthetic textiles and a rubber sole. These shoes are very lightweight and feel like a breeze on your feet. The rearfoot gel cushioning system makes shock absorption more effective as compared to other ordinary shoes and keeps your heels pain-free. The midsole is made from a durable material that increases bounce-back of your feet and reduces wear and tear of the midsole. The midsole has a dual-density design to improve stability and support. The reversed plug provides you more grip and traction on all kinds of terrain and especially on wet surfaces. You will not slip wearing these shoes.

Our Opinion and Verdict: Asics shoes are made from high-quality materials that are durable and have a long life. The shoes keep your feet comfortable and relaxed while you walk on concrete floors.

ASICS Men's Running and walking shoes

Shoes for Women for Walking on Concrete

6. Skechers Women’s D’Lites Memory Foam Lace-up Sneaker

The Skechers shoes for women are made with leather and synthetic to provide your feet the required level of comfort and safety. The rubber sole absorbs shock absorption for your feet. The lace-up design provides a perfect fit for your shoes while you walk. The shoes have a cushioned midsole for enhanced comfort, and a two-tone heel pull gives traction to your feet. The padded tongue and collar hugs your feet just like a glove and provides the ultimate ease to your feet. The mesh fabrics on the shoes allow for air-exchange to keep your feet cool. The internal lining of the shoes is made of soft fabric to give you a silk-like feeling while you walk. The memory foam enhances the comfort level, and you feel the same coziness every time you wear these shoes. The D`lites super lightweight shock absorption mechanism keeps your foot safe from any sudden jerks.

Our Opinion and Verdict: A perfect companion for walking on concrete floors for an extended period. You will feel relaxed and comfortable in these shoes.

Skechers Women Sneakers

7. Dreamcity Women’s Water Shoes Athletic Sport Lightweight Walking Shoes

Looking for a stand out color for walking on concrete floors, Dreamcity has got you covered. The shoes come in around 12 colors to give you the freedom to choose according to your desires. The shoes come with a rubber sole and breathable upper to allow air exchange. The midsole used in these shoes gives you comfort, durability, and a bounce-back mechanism to make every step smooth. The outsole gives traction, so you don’t slip on wet surfaces and have a smooth stride. The sock liner in the shoes gives comfort and makes your feet relaxing while you wear them.

Our Opinion and Verdict: A very decent and durable shoes to have for walking on concrete. You will love these shoes from Dreamcity as they are designed to take care of your feet.

Dreamcity Women's Walking Shoes

8. BelilentWomens Walking Shoes Slip on Sneaker Socks Platform Nurse Mesh Breathable Lightweight Comfortable Socks Shoes

Looking for an easy slip-on design for your walking shoes? This is one of the best shoes you will get with an optimum level of comfort and durability. The upper is made from durable knitwear and allows for maximum breathability. The upper side of the shoes is stretchable and helps in giving your feet a perfect fit. The sole is lightweight and provides traction to your feet when you walk or run on wet surfaces. The air cushion in these shoes makes them a perfect walking or working companion as they keep your feet comfortable and helps you in keeping legs and back pain away.

Our Opinion and Verdict: It is a perfect shoe to wear on different occasions as well. A variety of colors allows you to match with different tops and pants.

Belilent Women's Walking shoes

9. Gravity Defyer Proven Pain Relief Women’s G-Defy Mighty Walk – Shoes for Heel Pain, Foot Pain, Plantar Fasciits

If you are looking for shoes with a customizable insole, Gravity Defyer is the best option for you. It comes with a removable insole to accommodate custom orthotic support. You can also add an insole of your choice and comfort level to customize your shoes. The shoes are made from fabric and have a rubber sole to keep them lightweight. The verso shock technology provides enhanced shock absorption and keeps your feet safe from any sudden jerks. The interior of these shoes has been made extra smooth for sensitive feet and people with diabetics.

Our Opinion and Verdict: It is a perfect shoe for women suffering from any medical condition related to feet or has sensitive feet. Its comfort and ease are unmatched to other shoes.

Gravity Defyer Women's Walking shoes

10. Dansko Women’s Paisley Waterproof Sneaker

The last shoes on our list are from Dansko with a waterproof upper, which increases its durability. The sole is made from synthetic rubber. The shoes come with a removable triple-density footbed with arch support and shock absorption mechanism. They can also accommodate orthotic insoles. The shoes are equipped with DupontSorona fiber for moisture control and keep your feet dry and fresh while you wear your shoes for a long time. The shoes reduce odor from your feet by using CleansportNXT technology for odor reduction. The outsole is slip-resistant to be used on wet floors, snow, and other slippery surfaces. These shoes are stain-resistant and will give you a new-like look even after months of use.

Our Opinion and Verdict: These shoes are accepted by APMA, which gives them a guarantee for protecting your feet and giving you comfort.

Dansko Women's outdoor sneakers


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