The Best Shoes for Walking on Concrete All Day [Top 3]

The human foot plays a crucial role in movement, but it is easy to forget just how fragile that it really is. There is even more risk of an injury for those that live active lifestyles, such as joggers, fitness walkers, hikers, and tennis players.

close view of asphalt in a cityThe good news is that modern medical and bio-mechanical science has done a great job of creating footwear that is capable of protecting and supporting the feet of even the most active of people.

There will be some of our readers who know something about this subject, but there are many more who know little about it. This article will help to educate such readers about this subject and will answer some questions that are relevant to it along the way.

These questions include: What are the different foot types? What are the differences between concrete and softer running surfaces? Why is it necessary to use special shoes on concrete? What are the features of the best shoes for walking on concrete? And, how do the shoes being reviewed measure up? Let’s answer these questions.

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  • Stability shoe
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  • Removable insole
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What are the different foot types?

Just as every human being is unique, so too are feet. This being said, there a 3 major varieties in which feet come in. These include:

foot types

NORMAL FEET – Normal feet are characterized by normal-sized arches and leave flared footprints. The footprint will also reveal a broad connection between the forefoot and heel. When walking, a normal foot will usually land on the outside and roll slightly inward in order to absorb stress.

FLAT FEET – Flat feet tend to be characterized by low arches and will leave a footprint that resembles the entire sole of the foot. Flat feet usually indicate feet that are over-pronated. Because of this, flat feet tend to roll farther inwards than necessary, and over time this can lead to a variety of injuries and bio-mechanical problems.

HIGH-ARCHED FEET – These kinds of feet tend to be characterized by footprints that reveal a very narrow band – or sometimes no band at all – between the forefoot and the heel. Feet of this kind tend to under-pronate when the affected individual walks. This means that high-arched feet tend to absorb less shock than they should, and over time this can and often does lead to a variety of joint problems.

Note: I’ve just found another fitness walking resource from a women called Jennifer Langstroem. She’s also reviewing walking shoes and gives tips about different walking techniques. I had a quick look on one of her articles about shoes for concrete which is a great addition to the article you’re reading right now. Check it out! I recommend her shoe suggestions and especially the part on how to choose the right footwear.

Differences between concrete and other surfaces

someone standing on concrete floorSome surfaces that are commonly used for fitness walking and running are – in ascending order of softest to hardest – beach sand, grass, cross-country paths, synthetic running tracks, asphalt, and concrete.

Asphalt and concrete are the two hardest surfaces to operate on, but concrete is the hardest of them all. How hard? Concrete is around 10 TIMES harder than asphalt!

This means that unlike softer surfaces, all of the impact pressures are focused on the joints of the body, and that gives concrete the highest potential of any surface for causing and exacerbating chronic joint injuries.

This in turn means that those that spend a lot of time walking, working, running, or even standing on concrete need to protect their feet, their joints, and their overall orthopedic health by investing in protective footwear.

Features of the best concrete walking shoes

bottom of soleThe best sneakers for walking on concrete tend to have certain features in common. The following is a list of some of these characteristics.

BREATHABILITY – This is a very underrated feature, but it is essential for those that will be using shoes of this kind for fitness walking (especially in the hot summer months).

ARCH SUPPORT – A large proportion of the population suffers from problems with weak arches, and quite a few more suffer from flat feet. Because of this, shoes that offer adequate arch support are critical for anyone who takes part in fitness walking.

LATERAL SUPPORT – When someone takes a step, the foot will actually pronate (turn inwards) or supinate (turn outwards) depending on their individual physiology. A good fitness walker (shoe) will help to prevent the foot of the wearer from over-rotating in one direction or the other.

FLEXIBLE UPPERS – As much as the bottom of the foot needs support, the top of the foot needs freedom of movement. Thus, shoes that have flexible uppers offer snug support while at the same time allowing the parts of the foot that need to move the freedom to do so.

1. Brooks Addiction Walker Review

Brooks Addiction WalkerThe Brooks Addiction Walker is one of the best fitness walking shoes on the market. It is also a motion control shoe, which can be vital to those who suffer from moderate to severe pronation. The Addiction Walker line from Brooks includes shoes for men, shoes for women, and a V-strap version. Whichever version you ultimately purchase, you’re going to find yourself utilizing a durable, fashionable shoe.

The only potential downside to this shoe is that the sizing tends to run a bit on the small side of things. That doesn’t mean you can’t find a pair in your size. However, you will want to keep in mind the sizing factor when choosing a pair. Doing so will ensure you can take full advantage of all the benefits that are inherent in wearing and using these shoes.

These leather shoes features one of the best midsoles for any fitness walking shoes that are currently on the market. The exceptional midsole for these shoes will give you remarkable cushioning, while also reducing the shock felt. The full grain leather upper is just one of the ways in which this shoe provides a comfortable feel to the wearer. These shoes are ideal for walking for a wide variety of men and women.

Brooks Addiction Walker White


  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Extra wide option for individuals with wide feet
  • MOGO Midsole (award-winning feature)
  • PDRB Triple in the midsole
  • Brooks forefoot HydroFlow technology
  • Slip resistant outsole
  • S-257 Cushsole

2. Asics Gel Tech Walker Review
Asics Gel Tech Walker

When it comes to a high-quality stability shoe, the important thing is to look for a product that will help your moderate-to-serious pronation. If the inside and outside heel of your sneakers are equally worn, you can definitely benefit from something like the Asics Gel Tech Walker Neo 4. You can find these shoes in a variety of sizes, and they are available for both men and women.

The Neo 4 fitness walking shoe features a rubber sole and removable insole. Furthermore, the medial-side bunion window represents one of the strongest benefits of purchasing and wearing this shoe. There are a variety of elements to these unique shoes that are designed to enhance their comfort level. At the same time, these shoes are extremely stylish, and also come with the benefit of being highly durable. These fitness walking shoes can suit a variety of distances and purposes.

These flexible, stable shoes will consistently work to guide your feet into smooth steps. If you are someone who has to work long hours on concrete, you can definitely benefit from these shoes. You’re also going to want to note that these shoes are incredibly light. Yet they feel as though they provide a considerable degree of padding and protection at all times.

Asics Gel Tech Walker


  • Breathable mesh uppers and synthetic overlays
  • Biomorphic fit uppers
  • Mesh lining with removable sock liner
  • Impact guidance system
  • DuoMax support system
  • Solyte midsole
  • Rear and Forefoot gel cushioning system

3. Ryka Dash Review

Ryka DashThe Ryka Dash walking shoe is one of the most popular cushioning shoes for women on the market. However, does it live up to the hype? A good cushioning shoe must help with supination, ensuring smoother walking with every step. Ryka Dash offers a variety of walking shoe options for women. You’ll be pleased to know that the range of options that are available under the Dash line are impressive and extremely beneficial. The original Ryka Dash is a great example of that.

Whether you are planning to take on fitness walking as a regular athletic activity, or if you are simply working at a job that keeps you on your feet all the time, these shoes can help you. The Ortholite footbed is one of the best elements to this product, ensuring you will remain comfortable at all times. Simultaneously, the Ryka Dash also scores points for offering an extremely impressive rubber outsole, which provides essential traction and flexibility.

The width of these shoes at the metatarsal joints makes these shoes ideal for bunion sufferers. Simply put, if your feet require something that will give them a bit of rest, even if your life actually makes rest difficult, these fitness walking shoes can give you what you need.

Ryka Dash grey


  • Open mesh uppers featuring mesh overlays
  • Foam padded collar
  • OrthoLite cushioned footbed
  • Mesh-lined and padded tongue
  • Molded EVA midsole/li>
  • rubber outsole

As can be seen, there is more than meets the eye when taking care of the feet, and they are no laughing matter. That being said, those who rely on the excellent design of the above-mentioned shoes will be going a long way towards keeping their feet healthy for a lifetime. Don’t forget to check out my article about insoles!


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