Top 7 Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet

If you are an athlete and run with flat feet, then running shoes for flat feet can be the best option for you. The quality of your shoes can make a big difference and help you run efficiently during marathons. Mis-steps can cause injuries in the long run and can prevent you from getting into any issues with your feet. If you purchase running shoes for flat feet, it can help you to feel better physically and can also help to prevent you from getting into any severe problems in the future. We have done an extensive search and are going to list down the seven best running shoes for flat feet that can be the best bet for you. We would recommend you to read our full review so that you can choose the best one for you.

Running Shoes for Flat Feet Reviews

1. ASICS Men’s Gel-Kayano 26 Running Shoes

Luxury: You can enjoy the luxury of a comfortable bounce, and the running shoe features GEL technology to the front of your feet and gives you a comfortable feel when you run over long distances. The shoes are stylish and can be fashionable for working women.

Cushioning: The shoe has excellent cushioning, and the new technology gives you a stable run and can help control the torsion level. The cushioning can offer exceptional comfort and help you to run marathons without any issues.

Smooth midsole: If your feet roll towards inside the shoes, the midsole offers smooth control to reduce the risk of any pain or injuries. The rubber sponge allows you to wear the shoes for more extended periods. The midsole offers incredible traction and provides extra cushioning as you run or perform your workout.

ASICS the brand: ASICS is one of the most known and popular brands for making shoes for flat shoes. They are among the most stable shoes for running and are available for both men and women. The shoes can provide you with extensive support for those who have flat-footedness.

Additional gel: The shoes have extra gel in the toe and heel areas and have a shock absorption cushioning that can help you to run comfortably for a long time. They can add support and stability to the feet and can help you deal with your flat-footedness.

Flytefoam technology: ASICS shoes have a light midsole formulation and provide a comfortable cushioning and allow your feet to breathe comfortably.  The inner lining helps to absorb the moisture that can get produced while you run and gives a good grip to your feet.

My Opinion

Pros: The shoes are lighter than the previous versions of the shoes, and the updated mesh upper cushion has been added to this edition. The top portion is excellent and maintains a delicate balance and structure of the feet.

Cons: They are a little heavier than other shoes.

ASICS running shoes for flat feet

2. Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 20 Running Shoe

Perfection: The Brooks Adrenaline running shoes have incredible features and can be perfect for people who are suffering from flat-footedness. They are versatile and can be worn at work or on any special occasion. The arch support is exceptional and is designed to cater to men who are suffering from flat-footedness.

Triple density midsole: The shoes are stable and can provide you stability and have a midsole with triple density. The shoes are developed to assist people who are suffering from pronation and stride related issues.

Crash pads: The crash pads are full length and provide you extra cushioning. The removable foam on the shoe sole can help the flat feet footed people with extra comfort. The pads absorb the moisture and provide great airflow to your feet to enjoy a good run.

Rubber soles: The specialized rubber ensures and helps people with flat-footedness, and your feet can stay comfortable for a longer time. The shoes are smoother than ever, and the cushioning in the shoes softens every step you take. The sole is flexible and can allow a full range of movement to your feet.

Perfect for runners: Runners who are looking for support, flexibility, and reliability can try buying Brooks Adrenaline running shoes. The modern design can satisfy the runners that are looking for a low profile shoes.

Support and cushion: The shoes provide the best support and cushion and give the right amount of cushioning. The shoes are ideal for road running and going to the gym. The heel is cushioned and can provide a soft and tender feel to your feet, making you feel comfortable.

Modernized Fit: The shoes are made with engineered mesh design and have a smooth finish and can adapt to every stride. The leather support is modern and stylish and can make you look trendy. The shoes can make you more confident and can also make you look great.

My Opinion

Pros: The shoes are cushioned and can allow you to have a smooth run. The shoes can give you a supportive ride, and you can have multiple widths. If you wear shoes, your feet can breathe and stay comfortable.

Cons: The shoes are not versatile for speedy workouts

Brooks running shoes for flat feet

3. ASICS Men’s GT-2000 8 Running Shoes

Stable model: The shoes are a stable model from ASICS and can allow you for a lighter and softer ride and can maintain a classic comfort. The shoes can enable you to give a more elastic step, and the GEL technology can give you long-lasting protection. The cushioned feel of the shoe makes it perfect for people who fear injuries due to flat feet.

Lightweight ride: The shoes can promote a lightweight ride and is designed to provide you with comfort. It can give you the best protection for runners who are seeking for support while running. The keep your foot cool and dry and allows you to lift your feet easily to run fast and quickly.

Dynamic support system: The evolution enhances stability and support and has a reduced weight and gives you increased platform support. The shoe gives protection to hips and knees, and you can enjoy a comfortable and quick run.

Trusstic system technology: The Trusstic system technology can reduce the weight of the sole and retain the structural integrity of the shoes. When the shoes feel lightweight, it can allow you to run with more convenience. The shoes offer arch support and help to soften the toe area to help you run as fast as possible.

Engineered mesh power: The multi-dimensional mesh material improves ventilation and stability. The low-density foam makes the feet feel lightweight and provide exceptional bounce to the feet. You will have a stable and sturdy ride.

Midfoot outsole: The TRUSSTIC system reinforces the midfoot of the sole and helps you from preventing your feet from getting twisted. When you are landing, and you are lifting off the shoes, allow you to have a comfortable ride. The memory foam midsole is suitable for wide feet and can absorb impact shock so that you can avoid discomfort in knee joints.

My Opinion

Pros: The ride offers you incredible support and is sturdy. The shoes are long-lasting and durable and can last for a long time. The upper portion is comfortable and robust and can allow you for a comfortable ride.

Cons: The toe box is narrow.

ASICS running shoes for flat feet

4. Nike Odyssey React Flyknit 2 Men’s Running Shoe

Support: The Nike Odyssey can provide you with an impressive amount of comfort, and the motion control is common among all shoes of Nike. Nike is equal to extreme quality and high durability and is at the forefront of the technology.

Stellar shoes: The shoes are amazing and can be the best training shoes for you and can give incredible support for runners. The shoes are the replacement of the Nike Lunar Glide, and if you are a fan of those shoes, you must try buying this one. The classic shoes will never lose appeal because they are classy and aesthetic looking.

Soft sole: The firm midsole has a sift sole on the inside and can be the perfect shoes for flat-footed people. The padded soles can allow you to have a balanced run while you are training or in the gym. The sift sole is gentle and can help you to hit the gym for as long as you want.

Security: The upper, padded sides of the shoes provide security to the shoes and allow you to have a comfortable run. The shoes are secure but not too tight to prevent your feet from breathing. Your shoes will not feel stuffed or irritated because the shoes are a perfect fit for your shoes. The shoes fit your feet well, and your feet don’t move around when you are running or walking.

Impressive grip: The shoes have an excellent grip, and you can run as long as you want. Your feet don’t lose grip and can allow you even to run a marathon. The upper part is constructed from natural and soft materials that can protect your feet from getting hurt.

My Opinion

Pros: The shoes are lightweight, and your feet feel comfortable while running. The shoes are supportive and flexible and can give you maximum comfort. The soft and responsive cushion can protect your feet from any damage.

Cons: Midsole is a bit squishy.

Nike Women running shoes for flat feet

5. Saucony Men’s Echelon 7 Running Shoe

Responsive midsole: Saucony Men running shoes will provide a perfect fit for runners that have wide feet and low arches. The shoe is very orthotic-friendly, and the shape is perfect to fit the full foot size. A responsive and durable midsole will disperse the shock and can handle a lot of miles.

Stiffness: These shoes are heavy and stiff as compared to all the other running shoes. It will aid the runners quite easily and protect them for injury.

Plush footbed: The running shoes are manufactured using plush footbed and absorb shocks when you start walking on the pavement. It will contour your foot in the right way. The cushioning is soft, and the shoe will prevent you from the post-run aches.

Roomy Fit: The shoe is full-sized because of which you should get one size larger than your actual size. It will give you a more secure fit and provide excellent stability to the users. You can save yourself from cramps.

Heel: The external heel can deliver a good experience for the user as the cushion inside is stable and super comfortable. Your toenails will be protected even during intense workouts.

My opinion

Pros: If you are using the shoes for the first time and that too for running and it will give you a pleasant experience. The stable cushioning will make it super comfortable, and you can run any terrain you like.

Cons: The price of this shoe is a little higher as compared to other shoes in the market. The sole under the feet is not very comfortable.

Saucony Echelon shoes for flat feet

6. Mizuno Men’s Wave Horizon 3 Running Shoe

Comfort: When you compare it to other shoes in the market, the wave horizon three running show is a new addition in the market. It has become everyone’s favorite due to the level of comfort it provides. Your feet will remain straight and protected from injuries.

Cushion: There is an incredible amount of cushioning inside the shoes and is very responsive to other shoes. There is additional support available inside the mid-foot, and the density of foam will provide stability.

Smoothness: The heel of the shoe is quite smooth and will encourage a fast pace while running. They will provide maximum comfort to suit the needs of users.

Soft: Wave Horizon 3 is the softest and can give the most stable ride and because of the new technology to create smooth transitions.

Durable: You will get an added comfort as the engineered mesh upper, which is breathable and durable. You won’t feel sweaty even when you are wearing shoes with socks.

My opinion

Pros: The textile and synthetic are of good quality, and the rubber soles are imported. It will provide you an added comfort.

Cons: You may get pain if you wear shoes for long hours or are running on difficult terrains. Some people have complained that your forefoot will bruise when they have an intense running session.

Mizuno running shoes for flat feet

7. Saucony Men’s Omni Iso 2 Running Shoe

Supportive framing: The Saucony Men’s Omni Iso 2 running shoe and will provide you with extensive support. The supportive framing technology will give the rigidness and support to the foot. You won’t get any cramps and foot will not twist while running or jogging.

Arch Support: The footwear technology provides arch support and will absorb the shocks quite easily. It will keep the feet fresh and protect it from the moisture.

Durable: The upper mesh technology of the shoes is durable and breathable at the same time. When you wear these shoes, you won’t have a feeling that you are wearing something.

Lightweight: The size of the shoe is light and comfortable to wear, and the running shoes are suitable for the flat feet. When you compare it to other shoes in the market, they may feel a little heavier, though. As they are light in weight, you can take them anywhere easily.

Easy to move: You will be quickly moving from one area to the other when you are wearing such shoes. They don’t give any burden to the feet.

Protective: The shoes will make sure that your feet remain protected from injuries, especially if you are a runner. You can run well and burn a lot of calories, and the exercise can save you from obesity.

My Opinion

Pros: It will provide comfort to the runners and external frame support given to your foot a feeling of ease.

Cons: It may give you ankle a little pain while running and the shoe is a little heavier when compared to many other options available in the market. The arch support system may not absorb a lot of shocks.

Saucony running shoes for flat feet


These are some factors to consider before buying running shoes for flat feet

Consider prices

The budget you have will play a key role in determining the best running shoes for flat feet. It is also essential to know about the stability and durability. The padding and more durable frame should be checked, while the sole design should be of high quality as well.


The shoes are a little heavy because a lot of padding and other additional features are added on to it. If you are looking for the right styles, then going for these types of shoes is always a good option.


It is a good idea to try and look for shoes which can provide extra support as well as comfort. The heel and toe support should be of good quality. The shoes which are of high quality and designed with useful features are long-lasting.

Proper fit

You should look for shoes which can provide a proper fit for your feet. You should keep a check that the shoe is not tight enough for the toenails, or else you will be harmed. The general idea is that if the shows are flexible, they will protect you against any injury.

Re-measure your feet

When you are looking for shoes, you should ensure that you find the proper size. For this, you have to re-measure your feet frequently. When you have measured the size of your foot perfectly, you will not get any problems while buying the correct size of shoes.


The toe-box refers to the top and tip of the toes, and they are manufactured with some fabric. The quality of this fabric is that it can protect your feet quickly and save you from a lot of injuries. Make sure that the toe box is not too visible, and your feet can flex both in width as well as length.

Why should I use running shoes for flat feet?

When you are running on difficult terrains, your feet can be damaged if you are not wearing the right type of shoes. If you want to give protection to your bones and muscles, it can stop giving away any stress to your feet. Flat feet are prone to more issues, and you need good running shoes for them.

Do flat feet affect running?

If you purchase the right quality shoes, the smooth feel won’t affect you’re running in any way. As a runner, you should take extra precautions so your feet can be protected from all the dangers. You need to have the most comfortable shoes, and there’s no way the flat feet can affect your running in any way.

How do I know that I have got flat feet?

You can quickly determine if your feet are flat or not because if the shoes are bothering you or not providing a good fit, it indicates that you have them. If you are still confused, then another option is to test your feet. Stand on a dry towel when your feet are bare, and if your feet will leave a footprint and not only the heel or toe marks, it will give you a result that you have flat feet.


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