6 Best Kitchen Work Boots for Women Reviews & Buying Guide

Working in the kitchen as a chef or a kitchen staff is a demanding job and requires you to wear comfortable work boots. The kitchen staff has to pay careful attention to the food prepared in the kitchen, and they also have to stand for hours. Their job also requires them to walk and stand for up to 13 hours and more a hot in a crowded kitchen. The risk and hazard of slipping or falling due to an oil spill can injure or hurt them. The best kitchen work boots should be slip-resistant and provide proper cushioning and the staff working in the kitchen. Here are the six best kitchen work boots that will be perfect for you if you work in a kitchen.

Kitchen Work Boots for Women Reviews

1. Skechers for Work Women’s Soft Lace-Up – Best Comfortable Work Boots

Best ladies boots: Skechers is a famous brand for manufacturing great ladies’ work shoes. The Sketchers work boots are stylish and comfortable and are also durable.

Support: The boots offer perfect stability and supportiveness and are among the best types of work boots for a kitchen worker to wear.

Leather boots: They are designed with leather upper and are also equipped with lace closures that give the shoes a casual and stylish look.

Design: The work boots have a lace-up that keeps your feet comfortable and snugly during your kitchen stay.

Breathable: They are designed with perforated accents and allow your feet to breathe inside the kitchen. The padded tongue and cushioned collar of the boots add more comfort and support to the boots.

My Opinion

Pros: The heel height of the boots is 15,” and the PU comfort insoles make these shoes perfect for kitchen work. They are also safe and non-slip kitchen shoes.

Cons: The boots might not work well on concrete surfaces.

Skechers shoes for work

2. Merrell Women’s Jungle Moc Slip-On – Best Anti-slippery Boots

Quality: Merrell Jungle Mocs Slip-On work boots and offer the highest durability. They are stylish and durable.

Comfort: They are designed with a comfortable midsole and made from compression-molded EVA foam that is perfect for working in the kitchen.

Cushioning:  The boots are manufactured with enhanced cushioning. They are also designed with a molded soft lining and also provides additional underfoot plush for kitchen workers.

Odor fighting technology: The inside of the shoes are made with odor-fighting technology so you can efficiently work for 12 hours and more in the kitchen.

Impact shock: They also come equipped with comfortable soles and are designed with an air-cushioning that can absorb impact shock in the kitchen.

My Opinion

Pros: These work boots are perfect kitchen shoes because they offer the best comfort and superior build quality.

Cons: The inside lining of the boots are not durable.

Merrell work boots

3. Keen Utility Men’s PTC Slip-ON II-M – Easy to Wea

Best for chefs: The Keen Utility PTC Slip-On work boots are perfect for chefs. It comes with a unique design, and the outsole provides extra protection for the toes of kitchen workers.

Anti-slip boots: They can prevent you from bumps and other risky work environments. The easy slip-on design offers sufficient padding that makes the heel of your feet comfortable.

Comfort: The KEEN work boots’ midsole is comfortable and designed with a compression-molded EVA that is perfect for a kitchen working environment.

Maintenance: They are easy to clean and maintain. You can use a wet towel to clean the shoes, and it will not do any harm because the shoes are waterproof, which is perfect for kitchen workers.

Safety: The shoes have passed the ASTM F1677-96 MARK II safety standards. They prevent you from slipping very oily surfaces in the kitchen.

My Opinion

Pros: The construction of the boots is durable, and they are also easy to clean.

Cons: The heel portion of the shoes can widen after prolonged use and cause heel slippage.

keen Utility work boots

4. MOZO Men’s Grind Slip Resistant boots – Best Affordable Choice

Affordable: Mozo is an underdog brand that makes reliable pair of work shoes. The shoes are available at an affordable price and are surprisingly comfortable.

Durable: These shoes are durable and will not break down even if you use them for years. They are made with durable materials.

Cushioning: They are designed with gel insoles and provide sufficient cushioning that will help you work for long hours in the kitchen.

Support: The Mozo work boots come with a comfortable internal heel counter that provides you with maximum support and stability.

Full-grain leather: The full-grain leather upper of the work boots make these shoes soft and comfortable to wear in the kitchen.

My Opinion

Pros: The work boots come with a slip-resistant outsole and grips pretty well on slippery surfaces in the kitchen.

Cons: The shoes are narrow and might not be suitable for all foot shapes.

Mozo Men's work boots

5. SensFoot Slip Resistant Non-Slip Work Shoes – Best Value

Eco-friendly: The SensFoot slip-resistant work shoes are the best option for chefs and cooks. They are manufactured using eco-friendly EVA materials.

Lightweight: They are incredibly lightweight and weigh less than 0.6 lb. The shoes are 9 inches wide. The midsoles are comfortable, and you will have no problem staying10 hours a day in them.

Removable strap: The boots are customizable with a removable strap and have side vents to offer breathability. They meet the highest level of slip resistance for people working in the service industry.

Non-slip soles: The non-slip soles will hold well against our slippery kitchen floor. The best thing is that the boots can perform equally well on a wet linoleum surface.

My opinion

Pros: The boots are constructed with environmentally friendly EVA material. There are removable straps and a durable non-slip outsole.

Cons: The shoes are not recommended for people with wide or narrow feet.

SenseFoot Slip work boots

6. Crocs Women’s Specialist Vent Clogs – Best Features

Classic: The classic boots from Crocs combine comfort, breathability, style. The protections they offer are the best ones to wear in the kitchen. They are designed in such a way that they ensure your feet stay supported and comfortable throughout your long day in the kitchen.

Comfort: Comfort is a must in any kitchen shoes, and the quality is that Croc does not disappoint. It has a massaging footbed that includes standard circulation nobs. The vent and patented croslite will soften and mold to your foot to facilitate work inside the kitchen. The best fit keeps your feet comfortable at all times.

Toe-design: The closed toe-design and dense vamp area on these shoes will protect your top foot from getting an injury. The dual function strap secures the shoes to your feet, so you know they will not slip even on the most slippery grounds.

Side panels: The vented side panels of the kitchen shoes are recessed to protect from spills and allow for excellent airflow. It will keep your foot cool and fresh during intense work in the kitchen. The shoes are also easy to clean or sterilize.

 Perfect fit: They have a roomy fit, so your feet that will swell with extended hours in the kitchen can be protected. Your feet will accommodate well without being squeezed. It will reduce fatigue and pain that may be caused by standing for long hours.

My opinion

Pros: The soles of the Croc shoes are non-skid and non-marking. They will provide the user with superb traction and ensure your safety.

Cons: There are not many color options available for these shoes. Some people think that the design is not very attractive.

Crocs work boots for women


Purchasing the best kitchen boots can be a little challenging, so you need to check the following features.

Slip-Resistant Outsole

It is an essential requirement for purchasing kitchen boots. The soles should be slip-resistant, so you don’t fall. The most significant hazard while working in a kitchen is slippery floors and slip-resistant shoes will save you from trouble. If you take proper care of the outsole, it can ensure safe and lasting traction in your work environment.

Spill-Proof Upper

The exteriors of the best chef shoes are either manufactured from leather or synthetic material. They are highly resistant to heat or water. The leather upper is usually the best choice to go with because it will be very soft, comfortable, and easy to clean. The leather may not be breathable as canvas/fabric uppers, though, and make your feet hot. Ultimately, it is the preference of the user in this regard.

Cushioned Midsole 

A cushioned midsole prevents achy knees and joints, so you stay on your feet for long hours. Foot fatigue can be a severe problem for people like chefs who have to stand all day. The midsole that is cushioned will provide lasting comfort and help proper shock absorption.

Slip-On Design

As chefs are known to be busy people, it’s good to have something that can be work quickly. Wearing slip-resistant shoes with socks are recommended since the strap may get annoying or irritate the skin.

Fit and Size

Some users feel that if the shoe is slightly bigger or smaller, it will not create any issue. However, the smaller sizes will start pinching the feet after a few hours of use. The larger shoes can cause blisters because your feet will rub and scrap on the inside. A good fit can provide lasting comfort and save you from those painful blisters.


Are all slip-resistant and kitchen work boots the same?

No, both shoes have significant differences. Not all slip-resistant soles and kitchen shoes are manufactured in the same way. The Outsoles of the kitchen shoes are tested against ASTM standards and are suitable for flooring surfaces that are both dry and contaminated.

How should I take care of my kitchen work boots?

The kitchen shoes are made with leather and synthetic uppers and are usually the easiest to clean. You can use a wet cloth, and it will help to clean your shoes efficiently. You can also wash them and let the shoes air dry so that they can smell fresh again.

When should I replace my kitchen shoes?

It is a good idea to replace your work boots when you start seeing extended wear and tear signs. When the outsole of the boots starts to peel away, and the uppers have developed a hole, then it is time to replace your kitchen work boots.

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