4 Best Hiking Work Boots Reviews & Buying Tips

Hiking boots are essential for you if you are going on a hiking trip. They provide you with the best comfort and performance. The trend of hiking boots is towards the lighter materials that provide decent support. They are waterproof boots and are suitable for hot or dry climates. The following are the picks for the best hiking boots of 2020 and are perfect for our backpacking trips. They are ideal if you are planning to go hiking on rough terrain lands.

Hiking Work Boot Reviews

1. Timberland Men’s Waterproof Ankle Boot – Best Lightweight Boots

Comfort: The Timberland waterproof is comfortable and is well-padded around the ankle area. The feet stay comfortable when you even if you walk miles hiking. The lower and two upper eyelets give you a snug fit and adjust your feet. It comes with a waterproof liner, and the leather boots are breathable.

Stability: They are equipped with a wide sole at the forefoot that provides a great base. The padded collar is comfortable and helps to stabilize the ankle. The Hi-Tec altitude feature delivers perfect ankle stability and provides you with the best foot support.

Traction: These boots provide excellent traction on the wet terrain and are among the most vital hiking boots. It is also designed with rubber soles and is softer and doesn’t wear faster.

Weight: They are the lightest hiking boot with one-piece leather upper.

Water Resistance: These boots have a leather upper with sealed seams and help you keep the water out. It is designed with a waterproof membrane in the lining and keeps feet surprisingly dry.

My Opinion

Pros: The hiking boots are designed with uppers and are made with 100% premium waterproof leather from an LWG Silver-rated tannery. It also has a seam-sealed construction.

Cons: The padded insole is not durable and wears off after a few months of use

Timberland Men's ankle boot

2. Skechers Men’s Waterproof Boot – Best Waterproof Boots

Safety Features: These Skechers boots offer the best safety features and come with a high-quality steel toe. The shoes are not overly heavy and feature electrical hazard protection. It also comes with a nonslip sole and provides the best safety.

Durability: They are well made and offer the best durability features.

Style: If you are looking for stylish hiking boots, then the Sketchers boots and are perfect hiking shoes.

Comfort: These hiking boots come with a solid mid-sole and have shock-absorbent features. If you are going hiking for long hours or even short hours on hard surfaces, these boots are perfect.

Quality: They are made with high-quality materials and are a great combination of comfort and style. They are designed with memory form that enhances the quality of the boots.

My Opinion

Pros: Sketchers hiking boots are water-resistant and are perfect if you are going hiking on a terrain land. They also have an excellent grip on ice.

Cons: The fit of the hiking boots are comprehensive and show signs of loosening.

Skechers Relment waterproof boot

3. Merrell Men’s Moab 2 mid Waterproof Hiking Boot – Best Features

Perfect for Hiking: From day trips to week-long backpacking treks, Merrell Men’s waterproof hiking shoes and boots will support your next outdoor adventure. The boots are durable and will keep your feet when you are moving on the mountains.

Trail Running: Merrell Men’s boots are sturdy and perfect for running on trails. You can explore beyond the beaten path with training and trail running shoes to fit the needs and environment.

Casual: They are constructed with leather and have a great style and meet outdoor performance requirements with versatile casual shoes and sandals with trail-built comfort you can trust. It will protect your feet from the daily grind as they are designed to meet the most stringent demands while being comfortable enough to wear every day.

Footwear height: The boots’ footwear height is easy to adjust and provides a secure fit for hiking. You can lace up the boots, and you will feel comfortable. The closed foam tongue will keep the moisture and debris out. The midsoles will provide stability for hiking.

My Opinion

Pros: The boots are constructed with M select dry seals out water and lets moisture escape from the boot to stay dry when you’re on the move.

Cons: The rubber cap toe is not very sturdy.

Merrell Men's hiking boots

4. NORTIV 8 Men’s Ankle High Waterproof Hiking Boots – Best Affordable Boots

Great variety of colors & styles: The mid hiking boots are equipped with a boot shaft, and it has a height of 5 inches. The cushioned EVA footbed offers natural movement, and you can choose from a variety of our color combinations. It gives your feet a lot of security when you are hiking.

Waterproof: Nortiv is a prominent company that will take style inspiration to a new level. The latest street style has created the most covetable, comfortable, and stylish footwear designs. It is one of the best shoes for hiking. The boots are waterproof and will keep your feet dry and safe.

Suitable for challenging terrains: They can work well on all types of landscapes. Whether in the heavy snow, the dry summer, or even going for a hike, you have all you need. It has been constructed in the USA.

Boot opening: The Boot opening of Nortiv measures approximately 13 inches. The durable rubber outsole with multi-directional lugs is fit for traction on different types of terrain. The hiking boot features a waterproof lining and perfect for hiking adventures.

My Opinion

Pros: The rubber soles of these boots are perfect for hiking, and your feet will move freely without any fatigue. The durable outsole will challenge different terrains quite easily.

Cons: It is available in standard size only and may not be fit for long term use.

Nortiv Men's hiking boots


If you want to purchase the best hiking boots, these are the following features you should consider.


If the boots are waterproof, it will mean they are breathable too. It will stop the water from entering inside the book and keep your feet dry all day. If you are hiking on challenging terrain, this feature will help you the most.

Lacing system

Most often, laces on the hiking boots are neglected, but most people don’t know that the lacing system will be a perfect choice for hiking people. If the lacing system isn’t giving your feet a secure fit, it is better not to purchase it.

Upper materials

The upper materials for the boots should be constructed with excellent materials like nylon and mesh. The materials are not only durable but sustainable as well. They are light in weight, and you can quickly move on challenging terrains.


The hiking boots should be lightweight to help you move freely on your hiking trip. The light and flexible boots are perfect for your hiking trips. They are lightweight but have a sturdy construction suitable for a more extended day hike and short overnight backpacking trips.

Stiffness and Stability

The hiking boot should have stiffness and stability. The boots should be stable and have hard plastic inserted between the midsole and outsole, known as a shank. The length of the plastic varies from under the arch and depends on the intended use.


The vast majority of hiking boots are waterproof. The boots are made with waterproof materials because the hikers have to withstand harsh climate conditions. The breathable bootie inserted inside the outer fabric makes them perfect waterproof boots.


Will you get toe protection by wearing the hiking boots?

The toe caps that cover the front side of the hiking boots are considered essential for hiking. The thick pieces of rubber will give a secure fit and keep your toes safe from injury.

Why do you need hiking boots for hiking?

The main reason you must get hiking boots is to protect your feet from the rocks and debris on the trail. The hiking footwear has a good grip and keeps your feet dry. They are also light enough to help you move quickly.

Can I wear hiking boots every day?

Hiking boots are comfortable and can be worn every day as well. When you wear them, you feel that you can walk in them all day long. You can consider hiking shoes as everyday shoes as they are stylish and comfortable and come with versatile features.

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