Best Work Boots for Diabetics (Therapeutic & Protective) Reviews & Buying Guide

Diabetes causes sugar in the body, and that circulates in your blood-stream. This can cause nerve damage and reduced blood flow, which can lead to some severe foot problems. Diabetes can cause numbness in the feet, and you lose feeling in your feet.

It is essential to wear therapeutic diabetic work boots that can help to protect your feet against injuries and infection. Here are the seven best diabetic work boots that can help to cure your diabetic feet.

Work Boots for Diabetics Reviews

1. Irish Setter Men’s 6″ Work Boot – Best Overall

Best for Diabetic people: The Irish Setter from Red Wing is one of the best Diabetic Boots, and it can provide you with all the comfort and protection requirements that you will need by an as diabetic patient.

Waterproof leather: The uppers of the work boots are manufactured with full-grain waterproof leather, and it can provide healing to the feet, which is in pain due to diabetics.

Footbed: These work boots come with a polyurethane footbed that is also removable, allowing you to use your prescribed orthotics.

Outsole: The outsole of the Irish Setter boots is made from rubber and EVA with a high traction tread that provides added protection and shock absorption to the people suffering from diabetics.

Safe: They meet the ASTM standards and also come with features to keep your feet safe from electrical hazards.

My Opinion

Pros: The Irish Setter work boots have developed outsoles designed and tested to perform efficiently on high heat surfaces.

Cons: They wear quickly and can also be slippery on some surfaces.

Irish Setter boots for diabetic people

2. Timberland PRO Men’s Titan Work Boots – Best Features

Top selling: Timberland’s work boots are the best orthopedic work boots that offer all the safety features of a work boot and provide the best comfort and support.

Construction: They are constructed with an Orthopedic grade Polyurethane and come with a midsole with cushioning.

Midsole: The polyurethane midsoles of the work boots have a long-life and offer durability as they do not compress over time.

Protection: These Timberland work boots come with a protective toe that makes it safe for people with diabetes. It will help them to work in areas with falling object hazards.

Premium quality: They are lightweight and will last with you for many years.

They are made with premium, soft, full-grain leather that will provide you with everlasting comfort.

My Opinion

Pros: These work boots provide excellent arch support and provide the best inner foot stability and support.

Cons: They don’t come with anti-microbial properties, which make them slippery.

Timberland work boots for diabetic people

3. Dunham Waterproof Boot – Best Budget

Best brand: The Dunham work boots are perfect for giving diabetic feet the comfort and support that they need.

Construction: The sturdy construction and the waterproof features make this work boot an excellent choice for diabetic feet.

Outsole grip technology: Its multi-directional outsole grip technology ensures that maximum traction is provided to the diabetic feet on the slipperiest surfaces.

Leather: They are made with soft and durable leather uppers that are also completely waterproof. They are superb at working in wet weather conditions and will not let the water reach the diabetic feet.

Comfort: These work boots provide the best comfort and support for diabetic feet. It comes with a molded EVA and a memory foam footbed and also a stability cradle.

My Opinion

Pros: These boots are among the best diabetic shoes and have a lot of depth that can allow you to use your orthotics.

Cons: Some users have complained that the stitching on the upper part of the boots wears off quickly.

Dunham Men's diabetic work boots

4. Comfort Ranger Men’s Therapeutic Diabetic Boots – Editors Choice

Durable protection: Dr. Comfort provides the best protection to the diabetic feet as they come with a steel toe. This feature provides durable protection.

Comfort: They provide the best comfort for the symptoms of diabetes.

Soft leather: These work boots are designed with soft and comfortable leather uppers and have an extra protective width and depth toe box, which is an excellent feature for diabetic feet.

Safety: They prevent potential foot injuries and also reduce the pressure on the feet, which is perfect for treating diabetic feet.

Support: The firm and padded heel counter of the work boots provide excellent stability and support and reduce irritation in your diabetic feet.

My Opinion

Pros: The work boots by Dr. Comfort have a lightweight construction that helps to reduce foot fatigue. It also comes with a long-lasting slip-resistant non-skid outsole.

Cons: The added steel toe make the work boots a little uncomfortable for diabetic feet on rough surfaces.

Dr. Comfort diabetic work boots

5. Orthofeet 481 Men’s Comfort Diabetic Boot – Best Service Boots

Non-binding fit: This work shoe is designed, keeping in mind diabetic patients. The Orthofeet 481 will provide the user with the ultimate protection and comfort. The non-binding relaxed fit helps reduce pressure on all the critical areas for a secure and non-irritating fit.

Arch support: The Orthofeet 481 offers exceptional anatomical arch support and cushioning. When you take each step, it will create a feeling of walking on the cloud. The gel orthotic insert and ergonomic cushioning will provide comfort and will cause less fatigue.

Toe box: The toe box is more profound, suitable for a diabetic patient, and allows the feet to spread out and relax. Additionally, it will protect your toes.

Stable: It aids in enhancing stability and facilitates the natural motion of the foot. Usually, diabetic patients feel week, and this feature will be helpful for them.

Biochemically engineered: These boots are exceptional as they are designed with biomechanically engineered leather. There is an advanced athletic and therapeutic shoe detailing. It will offer relief for heel-pain, arch-pain, and forefoot discomfort.

My Opinion

Pros: Orthofeet boots are lightweight and have unique features that offer a great walking experience for diabetic people.

Cons: They are available in standard size only, and they are expensive too.

Orthofeet Mens diabetic work boots

6. Apis Mt. Emey 504 Men’s Therapeutic Boots – Best Sizes

Comfort: The Apis Mt. orthopedic work boot offers all the necessary characteristics of a work boot with extra depth of comfort for people with diabetes. It is an excellent work boot with orthopedic functions.

Materials: These work boots are made from high-quality materials for durability and stability at the same time. The stable sole will prevent you from slipping or getting an injury. It is waterproof and ensures it remains intact even when you are passing through water or wet ground.

Durable: The leather on the exterior is durable, and you can be sure that these unique diabetic work boots will not wear and tear with continued use. It can withstand rain, sun, and cold without the risk or damage.

Good for people with diabetes: If you have diabetes, you can confidently purchase the boots as it will not give any problems to your health. They have been medically approved and are safe to wear.

Different Widths & Sizes: The number one priority of these boots is that they cater to the needs of all potential customers. You will get it in different widths and sizes that match all types of feet.

My Opinion

Pros: If you have diabetes, you will want to use custom orthotics. The removable footbed in Apis Mt boots caters to the needs very well.

Cons: It is available in loop lace design only and may not get shipped internationally.

Apis Mt. Emey diabetic work boots

7. Drew Shoe Men’s Rockford – Best Construction

Durable: You would not want to purchase new shoes frequently. Walk the extra mile in Drew shoe men’s rock ford, and it will look as good as new even after years of use. You can loosen or fasten it as the extensive strap system is perfect.

Medicare Approved: If you have diabetes, these work boots suit your need. It has a proper width that will protect you in case you have swelling feet. It also comes in different sizes for a perfect fit. The heel measures 1.25 inches that makes it diabetic friendly.

Affordable: If you need an affordable and approved diabetic shoe in the market, Drew shoe Men’s Rockford is the right choice. It features the best diabetic shoe qualities, comfort, and support.

EVA insole: This amazing shoe features a detachable EVA insole made of cushion that offers extra comfort. Its moc toe construction gives extra space for comfortable moving on a work site.

Shock absorbent: In case of shock or impacts, your feet will remain preserved thanks to the shock-absorbing polyurethane unit sole. The snug fit it offers the best, and your feet won’t move up and down.

My Opinion

Pros: The Excellent lace system in these boots provides perfect fastening and maximum comfort.

Cons: It is available in two colors only.

Drew Men's diabetic work boots


Choosing the right kind of diabetic work boots can be challenging. If you follow the key considerations, your work will become easy.


You will have to make sure that your feet have enough space to move and are not very tight. When you are standing or moving on to the floor, it will help you. The perfect space should be 1.5 to 2cm (1/4 to 3/4 inch).


Keep the width of the boots in mind before you purchase them. Your toes should have a proper place to lie flat when you are standing. If your toe keeps rubbing inside, it will be uncomfortable.

Heel feet and height

Looking for a snug fit is the best idea, so the feet shouldn’t move up and down. The height of the heel shouldn’t be 1.5 inches wider.


The upper material of the boots shouldn’t rest on the toes making your feet uncomfortable. It will help if you are looking for boots that boast useful features suitable for diabetic people. If you can see the outline of your toes or leather is deformed at the base of the toes, that will mean that the boot doesn’t have enough depth.


The fastening feature is a must for diabetic boots. It will prevent the feet from sliding forward and backward on slippery ground or worksite. The lace-up, buckle or a Velcro strap can do the work for you.


What are the best shows for a diabetic patient?

  • Irish Setter Men’s 6″ Work Boot
  • Timberland PRO Men’s Titan Work Boots
  • Dunham Waterproof Boot
  • Comfort Ranger Men’s Therapeutic Diabetic Boots

What are the features of the best work boots for diabetic patients? 

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, then the doctor will advise you not to wear steel-toed work boots. The best shows for diabetic patients should have an advanced styling that provides better comfort and extra full fitting steel toe caps. The shows should also have non-metallic toe caps for a non-interference fit in the toe area of a diabetic worker.

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Do diabetic patients need special boots?

The poorly controlled blood sugar is the cause of damaging the nerves and vessels that go to the feet. This is the reason why diabetic patients have an increased risk of developing foot problems. The diabetic patients should wear specially designed work boots that can help reduce risk and help in the healthy circulation of blood in their feet.

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