7 Best Chemical Resistant Work Boots (Safety Toe Boots) Reviews & Buying Guide

Chemical resistant work boots are required to prevent your feet while working with chemicals. Most chemicals are toxic or dangerous, and they can seriously injure your feet. So, it is important to take care of our safety while using handling chemicals in the work field.

Chemicals can be a danger to the workers’ health because they can cause injuries, illnesses, and fatal accidents. If your worksite exposes you to chemicals, it is essential to protect your feet by wearing the best chemical resistant work boots. Here are the best seven chemical resistant work boots, and you can pick one of them as they are the best in the market.

 Chemical Resistant Work Boot Reviews

1. WOLVERINE Men’s Overpass 6″ Work Boot – Best Features

Premium Quality: These work boots by Wolverine are chemical resistant, durable, and comfortable. They are made with premium quality materials are available for both males and females both. They are offered in two colors – black and brown.

Useful: They come with a Contour Welt technology feature. This makes the sole of the work boot comfortable and liquid proof. If you are involved with chemicals and water on the worksite, the boots will prevent you from contacting the chemicals.

Rubber sole: The lugged outsole is made with rubber that is lightweight and abrasion-resistant. The upper sole is designed with superior quality waterproof leather that comes equipped with a tough abrasion-resistant toe.

Safety: The Wolverine Men’s work boots meet the ASTM standards for EH protection. The boot is designed with moisture-wicking mesh that keeps the feet cool and dry.

Ventilated comfort: The removable OrthoLite footbed easily molds to your foot, and the PU sole helps you enjoy advanced well-ventilated comfort.

My Opinion

Pros: The work boots are a dual-compound outsole and are made of soft PU and dense rubber that offer shock absorption and traction.

Cons: The nylon shank design doesn’t offer better support and strength to the boot.

Wolverine Mens composite toe boots

2. Honeywell Safety Servus XTP Chemical Resistant Work Boots – Best Overall

Highly chemical resistant: Servus work boots are PVC and dipped-neoprene boots and offer the best safety and prevention from chemical hazards. The boots are suitable to work in the most robust job sites and environments.

Design: They come with a 15-inch shaft. These boots are designed with a triple dipped neoprene and are 100% waterproof. The boot comes lined with fabric and has also had a Breathe-O-Prene insole.

Rubber construction: These work boots are made with hand-laid rubber and also come with a fitted steel toe. The boots have a Chevron outsole, and the rubber used in manufacturing meets and exceeds ASTM standards for electrical hazard.

Functional: If you work at a construction site, an oil refinery, or road construction site and are exposed to chemicals all the time, then these are ideal boots for you. They provide impact protection on muddy and wet workplaces.

Comfort: They are crafted and provide all-day comfort. They have removable, washable insoles. The lining in the work boots are breathable and keeps your feet dry and well ventilated.

My Opinion

Pros: The boots are triple dipped in neoprene and make them completely seamless and safe and makes them resistant to chemicals, contaminants, and acids.

Cons: The Chevron outsole doesn’t absorb the liquid and dirt and can cause you to slip on certain surfaces.

Honeywell Safety Men's safety boots

3. Muck Chore Classic Men’s Rubber Work Boots – Best Budget

RDR chemical technology: These work boots by Honeywell offer are made with RDR chemical technology. The work boots can withstand abrasion-, oil-, and chemical and are perfect to handle harsh working environments that involve chemicals.

Slip-resistant: They are slip-resistant. This feature has improved their performance by 20%. The V-wave outsole gives you better traction on slippery ground.

Protection: Muck Chore boots come equipped with multiple features that offer the best protection from chemicals. The boot is designed with rubber and has a Vibram sole that makes them chemical resistant.

Design: They come with a high-quality shaft, which is 15 inches from the arch to the top. The heel has a measurement of 0.75 inches, and the platform is 0.5 inches.

Excellent traction: The V-wave oil sole provides you with excellent traction on any surface such as ceramic tiles, steel gangplank, etc. The V-wave can handle dirt and water and squeezes them off the boot as you walk.

My Opinion

Pros: The shank is made of 5mm neoprene, which provides comfort and is flexible and waterproof. It also comes with heat-retentive and shock-absorbing features.  

Cons: The boot will not adjust to every foot shape and might blister or hurt your foot.

Muck Chore work boots

4. Carhartt Men’s 6″ Energy Waterproof Industrial Boot – Editor’s Choice

Quality work boots: The Carhartt work boots are also called Rugged Flex. They are designed with a 6-inch shaft and are waterproof. The work boots offer the best quality, performance, and craftsmanship.

Comfort: These work boots are the best leather boots that keep you on the move on your work site. You can go up-down and move around as this boot provides you the perfect confidence and comfort.

Lace-up system: They are designed with a lace-up system that makes the boot a part of your foot. It comes with eyelets, D-loops, and pegs to which the laces can be attached. The lace-up system helps you to tighten up the boot or loosen them up for better ventilation.

Durable built: The boot is designed 6 inches from the arch of the foot. It is built to help you to keep your feet dry and safe from the chemicals.

Flexible outsole: They are manufactured with a flexible outsole, made up of rubber. It gives the users traction on all types of floors and also provides a good grip on the rungs of a ladder.

My Opinion:

Pros: The boots have a resilient cushioning that provides all-day comfort. They are abrasion-resistant and prevent your feet from getting injured.

Cons: The leather on the boots is not durable, and it cracks easily.

carhartt composite toe boots

5. TINGLEY 27251.13 27251 SZ13 Boots – Best Safety

Chemical resistant: TINGLEY 27251.13 FLITE has a 15-inch black exterior made of Aerex 1.5.5. It is proprietary thermal insulated and chemical resistant. At the same time, the microcellular polymer makes the boots 40% lighter.

Cushioned heel: The boot has a light exterior and a cushioned heel, making the chemical resistant. It also features a slip-resistant nitrile outsole. The boot is equipped with a composite toe for safety and comfort against electrical hazards.

Air bubbles: There are air bubbles trapped in the boot’s materials to keep your feet warm. Air bubbles act as insulators, and that will keep you warm in cold and cool in summers.

Anti-fatigue: Aerex 1.5.5 is anti-fatigue as it is very light to wear. It takes the weight off your back. In this way, you will have to expand 5% less energy. The Calf-Relief Topline (CRT) is stylish and provides more extensive calf space for easy and off.

Heel: The beveled heel will reduce leg and back strain. There is a treadwear indicator that informs if the treads are worn off. It is an ideal choice for food processing, dairy, meat, farming agro-based, chemical, and petrochemical industries.

My Opinion

Pros: The boots are of superior quality and chemical resistance towards hydrocarbons, fats, acids, caustic alkalis, and fats.

Cons: The composite toe could have been better, and the outsole rubber wears off too fast.

Tingley Rubber work boots

6. Servus 15″ Neoprene Steel Toe Men’s Work Boots – Best Service Boots

Design: Servus Steel toe work boots are made by dual compounding. The highly stretchable uppers are molded to a long-wear and slip-resistant outsole. The reinforced bumpers on the toe and heel will protect the foot.

Traction: There is an SF full grip outsole that offers a sound footing and extra traction. The extra-large molded kick-off lugs will help the user to remove the boots quickly. The buttons on the top can be molded to prevent leaks.

Tabbed grip: There are tabbed grips stitched on the closing loops of this sturdy boot. It will make it easy to grasp and pull them on with one hand, even when you wear gloves.

Safety: Servus work boots are chemical resistant and offer added protection from hazardous chemicals. You can feel at ease and wear them while disposing of waste and handling hazardous liquids.

Functional: They have been tested to meet the chemical requirements of commercial specifications A-A-59520 and MIL-0-43995C. The stretch top and outsole are durable and waterproof at the same time.

My Opinion

Pros: The Wide grip outsole of these work boots offer added traction for a good grip on the floor. There are open channels that can squeeze out the debris and liquid when you are working.

Cons: The boots aren’t available in many sizes, and there is a one-year warranty only.

Servus work boots iwth Chevron Outsole

7. Timberland PRO Men’s 53522 – Best Chemical Resistant

Leather: Timberland PRO PowerWelt boots are made of full-grained leather. They are abrasion-resistant, water-resistant, and chemical-resistant as they are manufactured with ever-guard treatment.

Functional: It has an antimicrobial Cambrelle lining that can absorb moisture. There is a finger grip that can be used to pull on the boots. The sturdy heel will help to glide your feet into the boot with ease.

Shank support: The insole is anatomically contoured inside the boots and has integral shank support. It also has an open-celled contoured footbed that is made of polyurethane and has antimicrobial properties.

Footbed: The boot has a flexible cushion footbed that will mold and cradle the heel. The Outlast adaptive comfort footbed is suitable for thermoregulation inside the boot. It can keep your feet odorless and dry.

Ladder lock PU: The Lightweight Ladder Lock PU outsole is slip, oil, and abrasion-resistant. The boot meets and exceeds the ASTM F2413-05 standards for impact, chemicals, compression, and electrical hazards.

My Opinion

Pros: Timberland PRO PowerWelt has a metallic asymmetrical toe. It meets the standards for safety against compression and different chemicals.

Cons: The antimicrobial mesh lining is not very durable.

Timberland PRO work boots


If you are planning to buy the best chemical resistant work boots, consider the following features.

Chemical Resistant

The boots you are selecting should be chemically resistant, and if they have passed the durability tests, they will be the right choice. If you are working in such an environment where you have to deal with chemical hazards, this feature is a must-have.

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Safety toe

The safety toe of the boots should be manufactured using plastic, alloy, aluminum, and carbon fiber. It will protect your toe from falling into different objects like drums that are full of fluids. Additionally, they should be water, compression, and puncture-resistant.


The boots that are stitched with leather and Gore-Tex are waterproof, and they make it light to wear and take off. The best thing is that when the boots keep your feet dry, you can work in a much better way. You will not have any fear of slipping down on the floor.

Safety standards

The boots should not only be chemical resistant, but they should comply with the safety standards that include International & European Safety Footwear Certification (EN ISO 20345), Australian & New Zealand Safety Footwear Standard.   Otherwise, there is no use in investing money into boots that are not fulfilling these purposes.

Electrical Safety

The boots should also protect the user from electric hazards. If the boot is made with PU, rubber, carbon fiber, and nylon, it will be a good pick. The outsole should be made of sturdy materials so it can offer a lot of traction.


Are chemical resistant work boots flameproof?

These boots are flameproof and are resistant to asbestos, phosphate-based compounds, nitrile rubber. The work boots also come with Kevlar double stitching and improve heat and abrasion tolerance.

Who should use chemical resistant work boots?

The professionals that are working in industrial environments require chemical resistant work boots. They are also perfect for people that handle garbage, refuse, barnyard chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, etc.

Do chemical resistant work boots have sealed seams?

The work boots are entirely sealed, and the upper and sole of the boots help to prevent any water, dissolved chemicals, or chemical spills from seeping into the boots.

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