Asics Gel Tech Walker Neo 4 Review

The Men’s Asics Gel-Tech Neo 4 Walking Shoe features a rubber sole, a breathable Biomorphic Fit upper body, and increased Gel cushioning. Like most stability shoes designed for people with a normal to slightly high arch, it includes extra support along the inner foot and a special feature for people who have bunions that it calls a medial-side bunion window. It also features a removable insole (see best concrete walking footwear) for people who prefer to use their own customized insert.

asics gel tech walker black

The Color Scheme

In this case, Asics and/or Amazon decided to keep it simple. Do you like black with silver highlights or white with royal blue? There’s nothing particularly garish with either color option and Asics did the smart thing by not trying to turn an athletic shoe into a fashion statement, so you won’t feel bad if you notice the occasional dirty spot on your shoes after you’ve been using them on the walking trails for a while.

The Pros

This is a comfortable shoe even for people who already have bunions – in fact, the bunion window seems to be one of its major selling points. The flexibility of this shoe is especially good at helping walkers push off with their toes during each stride. It’s not really a motion control shoe, but the stability and guidance is very good even when the heel does not quite hit the pavement quite right.

It looks and feels well-constructed and durable. The upper has some ventilation but doesn’t overdo it in that department, which means you’ll have a longer outdoor walking season without your feet becoming too cool in the middle of spring or autumn.

tech walker side

This shoe is especially popular with people who have jobs that require them to be on their feet all day on a hard surface like concrete or have an inflamed tendon in their foot. It’s not a perfect solution for plantar fasciitis, but people with this condition say that this shoe can reduce the pain.

The ability to add an arch support insert made this an especially popular pick for men and women who might not like to admit that they need extra support for their feet but could do without the painful feet that come with being on their feet all day.

The Cons

There didn’t seem to be very many complaints about this shoe other than a few of the inevitable lemons that come with a mass-produced product. Some men did wish they could find this in brown or tan so any dirty spots wouldn’t show up so much. It’s not a cheap shoe even though it does fall within the normal range for a walking shoe of this type. The sizing chart isn’t perfect and you may wish to order this one half size larger than your normal street shoes.

gel tech walker women

It is a stability shoe and, considering some of the glowing reviews, it may be easy to mistakenly buy a pair when you have very high arches with a tendency to overpronate or flat feet and issues with underpronation. Stability shoes like this one work best for men who have normal to slightly high arches and relatively normal pronation. This isn’t exactly a con, but most returns of a perfectly good pair of shoes happen because the customer did not consider the unique needs of his particular pair of feet.

The Bottom Line

Asics pretty much stuck to the basics of creating a good stability walking shoe for men with the Gel-Tech Neo 4 Walking Shoe. It does include features for people who have bunions or worry about developing them, but doesn’t add too much weight to the shoe by adding unnecessary features. Buy this shoe and add your own insert if you like so that you get a stability boost that can reduce the risk of twisting your ankle through an unstable gait.


Karl Hatfield is a mechanical engineer from Toronto. When he's not working, he loves to go on outdoor walks with his dog Bernie. He shares tips about fitness walking and gives footwear recommendations on his website

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