5 Reasons Why you Should Start Fitness Walking

Fitness walking is indeed affordable. It doesn’t need membership dues or equipment (except walking shoes) and it could be very entertaining as well. Boredom could be kept to a minimum through varying the terrain of recreational walks and through inviting others to participate or join the trek.

Families, pets and friends can all benefit. Taking a walk during break time is a way of squeezing this activity in before days when other duties might conflict. When it is too hot or too cold outside, just find a few long pathways or a nearby mall to walk.

Walking provides flexibility while being a simple and safe way to discharge the pressure in your life. It can also ease you into higher types of workout. You don’t need to learn new skills and you can start anytime and anywhere you want.

5 Reasons to Start Fitness-Walking

Low Impact:

egg sandwich cholesterolFitness walking is an incredibly low impact exercise. Meaning, it is easy on the joints and will not add to or augment the effects of osteoarthritis.

Lower Cholesterol Level:

Walking might aid to lower bad cholesterol or also known as Low-Density Lipoprotein cholesterol while raising good cholesterol (or HDL).

Lessens Health Risks

Walking is also advantageous in decreasing blood pressure, reducing risk factors for the occurrence of type II diabetes and strengthening your cardiovascular system.

Corollary Benefits

It provides corollary benefits such as efficient weight management, improved mood, better strength through the workout of the muscles and lessens the risk of osteoporosis due to the nature of this gentle, but efficient form of weight-bearing workout.

Better Plan for Health and Disease Prevention

AppleResearches show that steady and fast walking is the an excellent plan for fitness and disease prevention. Experts working with people of sixty-four years of age and older discovered that one hour of daily walking could really increase one biological age by up to twelve years. This group also discovered that steady walking for thirty minutes or more is better than walking ten minutes many times a day. As a matter of fact, the calorie burn benefit of constant walking will amount to losing 5 pounds each year.

What is more, walking could be adapted to fit any fitness goals. For people who want a faster and effective caloric burn, power walking is proven to be very efficient. A lot of studies have revealed that this incredibly brisk type of walking at about 2 miles for every hour burns as many calories as jogging with no stress and pressure on the joints. Further, power walking also enhances cardiovascular health through strengthening your heart muscles.

Walking is indeed one of the best and effective yet simplest forms of exercise that almost everyone can do. All you need to have is some free time, dedication and of course goals. There is no need of enrolling in a fitness gym near your place or taking weight loss supplements. Walking and a proper diet can help you obtain your fitness goals.


Karl Hatfield is a mechanical engineer from Toronto. When he's not working, he loves to go on outdoor walks with his dog Bernie. He shares tips about fitness walking and gives footwear recommendations on his website dancewalkto.com.

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