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When you walk on concrete flooring for long periods of time, your body will take a toll. Our body is very efficient at absorbing the impact of our heel striking the ground, but it only goes so far when you’re moving on hard surfaces.

Soft flooring like grass or wood absorb a small amount of impact, what makes walking on them much more bearable. If you can’t change the surface you’re moving on in your daily job, at home or when doing sports, you need shoes with a good amount of cushioning and arch support (depending on your foot type).

Not every pair of shoes is made for concrete surfaces. Just because it says “lots of cushioning” it might hurt your body in the long run. You have to take a close look on you foot shape and determine, if there are any existing disorders (like knee pain or plantar fasciitis). Only then, you can make an informed decision about buying the right kind of footwear for your special needs.

In this section you’ll find buying guides and reviews about the best shoes for working, standing and walking on concrete. Let me be your guide onĀ finding the ideal pair of shoes for your feet!

The Best Shoes for Working on Concrete

Jobs that involve standing for long periods can cause various strains on your body. Mostly, these issues are ignored till they aggravate to something chronic. This usually happens because people do not realize that it’s the STANDING (see shoes for standing on concrete all day) that is the problem, and they attribute the pains in their legs and backs to something else.

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